Just getting started…..

Hello out there….

well, I am just getting started out here in blog-land.

Check back in a few days and HOPEFULLY I will have written something worthy of posting. Until then, here are a few photos that will give you a little glimpse into our life.


No Knead Bread

Over 2 years ago I started making our bread

Cabbage growing fall/winter 2009

I enjoy having a garden

We have a few cats that share their house with us. This is Kivuli

This is Tiger Tail

This is Cinder

I enjoy beading

I enjoy making soap

I enjoy playing with gourds

Oh, there is more. I just think this is enough for now….

Sincerely, Emily

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2 Responses to Just getting started…..

  1. MAYBELLINE says:

    Welcome to blogging. Followed you over from Chiot’s. Texas and Bakersfield, California may be fairly similar in growing seasons so we may be able learn from each other. Good luck.

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