Roasted Peppers

What a wonderful smell…the smell of roasting peppers. My neighbor gifted me with a bag of Anaheim Chilies. I have already frozen some that they gave me earlier this summer and I knew it was time to try my hand at roasting them.

I don’t tend to follow recipes and I guess that applies to other “rules” or “suggestions” also. I turned on the grill and set the peppers on their. I didn’t wait for the grill to warm up (I think that is one of those “suggestions”). They roasted up nicely. Once the pepper were done, the grill was quite hot so it was time to grill our dinner. Buffalo burgers. They turned out great.

Roasted Anaheim Chilies

Dinner was a little late and I ended up leaving the roasted chilies on the counter overnight sweating away in their bowl. This morning I got around to peeling them. Again, what a wonderful smell. Pizza is on the menu for tonight and I imagine most of those peppers will get used.

Roasted Anaheims peeled & ready to use

On a recent post over at Not Dabbling in Normal, Kim had a nice suggestion for freezing them. (when I figure out how to add a link, I will put that in here so you can zip right over there and check it out)

Sincerely, Emily

Edit: I figured out how to do the link thingy so you can zip right over to NDiN and check it out.

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