Basil Pesto

Basil pesto is, by far, my favorite way to use basil.


I haven’t had much luck with planting basil around in my flower garden. Something tends to nibble it down to nothingness before it reaches the ripe old age of 1 inch tall! Instead, I plant several large pots and keep them on the deck. The past two years I haven’t had any potted flowers on the deck, but I must say I think the basil was just as pretty and the smell of it is wonderful.

Aaahhh....Basil Pesto

I hope I have enough pesto frozen to get us through the winter because I haven’t run out of great ways of using it yet. My tummy is starting to grumble just thinking about it, so I will have to go get some out of the freezer to use for dinner tomorrow night. Now, I know there are lots of other types of pesto’s to be made out there. I am looking forward to making more cilantro pesto this winter

Here are a few ways I like to use Basil Pesto:

  • On Pasta
  • On toast
  • On toast, then add a slice of cheese, then add a slice of tomato
  • On fish
  • Add it to sour cream for a dip or use as topping (like potato)
  • add it to Quark, spread on cracker or toast
  • mix it in while making a quiche

How do you use Basil Pesto? Are there any other pesto’s you make?

Sincerely, Emily

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3 Responses to Basil Pesto

  1. Joni Jones says:

    Great blog so far but what is Quark? and I’m sure I’ll find the recipe for pesto, but haven’t run into it yet. Know L. would like that, she loves basil

    • Joni, Thanks for stopping by. Quark is a soft cheese made from yogurt. You take yogurt and put in cheese cloth or muslin and drain it for several hours or overnight. The liquid that drains off from it is whey and can be used in many ways and the yogurt is now more thick. Add your herbs and spices. I have heard this soft cheese called Quark, I have also heard it called Lebaneh. I think it is like “tomAto, tomaaato” – different cultures call it different things. I don’t care what it is called, it is gooooood. Sincerely, Emily

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