Herbs, and more Herbs

Last week was busy for me with meetings and get-togethers. I joined the San Antonio Herb Society this summer and I am starting to get involved in a few of the Significant Interest Groups that they have.


Thursday evening was the Herb Society monthly meeting. Diane Lewis, one of the members, gave a presentation on designing an herbal landscape.  Friday I had signed up for a class through the one of the school districts community education program for a class that Diane Lewis was offering called “Crafting Herbal Culinary Gifts.”


Saturday I joined the Herb Societies Significant Interest Group called “Crafting with Herbs.”   The meeting was held at a members home. We will have monthly meetings where a member will host that meeting and give a presentation on something herbal, it might be crafty, it might not, but we all get together next month to list our suggestions and vote on the topics of each meeting. This months presentation was on tea. We talked about and sampled 6 different teas. It was interesting and has reminded me of a few teas that I liked in the past. Everyone brings something to eat and the theme for food  at this meeting was “High Tea, Texas style.” Really the only criteria was that is was finger food! The spread of food was an impressive assortment of fun things ranging from finger sandwiches of smoked salmon to scones, clotted creme and home made jams.

We also toured the hostesses garden. That was a lot of fun. I was pleased to know that I could identify most of the plants that she had and came away learning about a few I didn’t know.


I am excited to have found the Herb Society and look forward to meeting new people in my area and learning new things.

Sincerely, Emily

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