And then the “games” came to a screeching hault!


Actually, the “games” started yesterday. I got everything out to start painting yesterday and I had the foresight to put water in the bin of the paint sprayer before I started, to make sure the sprayer worked alright. I hadn’t used it in 2 1/2 years and I certainly didn’t want to start with paint to find out it didn’t work.

Well, it didn’t work! It wouldn’t prime. So looking on the bright side, I am glad I didn’t have to clean all the paint out of it. But on the down side, I couldn’t start painting because there was something wrong with the sprayer. For those of you who know me, you know I am not a betting woman – I will only bet when I am 100% right. But I would bet my life savings that I knew what the problem was. Even as well as I cleaned it out when I last used it, I would bet that I didn’t clean it out well enough. I didn’t run mineral spirits through it and I didn’t “pickle” it either. So, now it has sat for 2 1/2 years and I want to use it.

I am glad to have a house full of handy men right now. They got home pretty late, but after dinner they headed out to the shop to “fix” the paint sprayer.  I should have had my camera with me. Here it was 11pm and all three of them are taking apart this sprayer. Yup, old dry paint was the culprit. They had it apart and back together, cleaned, lubed in 45 minutes and ready for me to use today.

Today was overcast and no wind to mention. Looked like a good day for me to paint. 1/4th of the way into the first wall I had spray problems. I was able to fix that rather quickly by taking apart the sprayer handle and cleaning that out. The first wall went nice and fast. I was so happy! Then I was set up to start the second wall when it started to sprinkle. I thought to myself……”I wonder how much rain it would take to make painting outside a bad idea.” Before the thought was finished I knew the answer. NO rain is good when painting outside. Bummer.

I say “bummer” because I really dis-like (hate is such a strong word) cleaning out the sprayer, but the worst part it we have no real “work” sink in the shop. There is a nice full-bath out there, and a nice cute little vanity with a normal small bathroom sink. Seriously – this is a SHOP. The work sink has been out of “list” of things to do.  And the bathroom light in there is p i t i f u l! I think I am changing out the light myself tomorrow.

The forecast for the next few days is overcast with a chance of rain. Again, I am not a betting woman, but I bet I won’t be painting in the next few days. BUT I will bet that there will be a better light put up in the shop bathroom and a work sink (if I can find one) before I get back to painting.

A view in the backyard

So, with the painting put on hold I moved onto other things. Everything I did seemed to be a challenge. Five steps backwards and maybe one step forwards. I thought I would go pick up a few loads of wood that the neighbors are giving us. Now the riding lawn mower won’t start….so I hook up the battery charger. I go get a load of wood, notice I have a flat tire. Open the shop up and get the air compressor going, can’t find the chuck for the tires. Nope, it’s not there….it is at the hangar. Done! I am done! It is just best that I go inside and find something I know I can work on. Tomorrow will be a more productive day outside.

Sincerely, Emily

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