It was cold last night (cold for here)

Cold is a relative term. I grew up in Minnesota and Wisconsin. “Cold” up there takes on a whole new meaning. After sitting week after week in temps like 0F or -10F, (that is BEFORE you factor in the wind chill) without seeing the sun and then a day would com along and the temp would warm up to 35F – WOW! The winter coats would come off, no hat, no gloves!  You would think we were in the middle of summer! The snow would start to melt and get slushy. People would be smiling and perky!

A different kind of "cold" altogether

So when I say it was cold last night, I don’t mean a MN winter “cold” I mean a South Texas “cold.” And that meant I needed to get things covered in the garden (AGAIN!)

The forecast in my area was for 29F . I am very happy I covered things, because the thermometer read 24F when I checked it really early this morning.

Simple Garden Covers

When we built the raised bed my husband took some of the end cuts off the metal fence posts and hammered them into the corners of each bead.

He did this for a few reasons.

  • The pipe would act as an “anchor” so the beds wouldn’t shift around if (when) I ran into them with the yard cart.
  • The pipe might give the wood edge a bit more support  if (when) I used it as a step.

What we didn’t think about, and the best reason yet –  the pipe ends make a great receptacle for the PVC I use to create the hoop.


You can see the pipe ends poking up long the edge of the raised bed. They work great! It is so easy to slip the hoop in and out when ever I need to cover things for the night.

This winter I have a lot more growing out there compared with last winter and some of the beds only had pipes in the corners. A few days ago I cut some more pipe sections to use and it works OK, but it was a larger pipe and the ends of the PVC are a bit sloppy and move around quite a bit. I will re-do them as I have time (and can find another section of pipe to cut up and hope it won’t be missed) so the hoops will stay upright and straight a bit more.

Sincerely, Emily

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