Split Pea Soup post Thanksgiving Ham

Pea soup is always on my mind after Thanksgiving. After everyone has come and gone. After all the left-overs are gone. So I am really talking about at least a week after Thanksgiving, maybe more.

The ham bone has been chillin’ in the freezer just waiting its turn. I even have a friend that will save her ham bone for me and that bone might hang out in the freezer for months before I get a second batch of split pea soup made up to enjoy.

Making Split Pea Soup

I have no real recipe for making this.  I just keep cutting things up until I think I have enough, and even then I might cut up more once I get it all in the pot.

I start by submerging the ham bone in water. Then just let it simmer away until I think it smells good, or I remember it.  The ham was already cooked so I am just trying to get the flavor and seasonings from the bone and get the bits of ham to loosen up and come off the bone. I did add one small chopped onion to this to work in some of that flavor while it simmered

This pot simmered about 30 minutes. At that point I then will remove the bone and let it cool on a large plate until it is cool enough for me to handle. While waiting for it to cool, I add the dry green split peas to the pot to start to cook and soften up. I have no idea how big my stock pot is, and you can see from the photo above I have it pretty full with liquid. I added 3 – 16oz bags of split peas to this batch.

The peas take about 30 minutes to soften up. While I waited I chopped up all my carrots, celery and onion. When the peas are softened and have really broken down I add the onion and carrots and let that all simmer to get the carrots softened up. Towards the end I add the celery. At least for the first meal from the pot the celery still has a bit of a crunch to it.

Fresh ground pepper is the only other seasoning that I add.  Everyone can salt theirs as they wish. My husband likes to crumble saltine crackers into his. I like to salt mine.

Split Pea Soup. Ready to eat.

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Sincerely, Emily

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