Starting a Puzzle

It has been years and years since I have worked a puzzle of my own. My Gram worked on puzzles a lot. My mom often has one she is working on one of the tables on the porch at the cabin. On her puzzle, I may have placed a few pieces here and there over the past few years when I am visiting but have never set one out to work on my own.

Perennial Garden in Spring

Last week my neighbor mentioned that she has a huge cabinet full of puzzles, so I asked if I would borrow a few to work on. With the puzzle she also lent me two boards that her husband made. The boards are really neat.

Large Board

The larger Board has 21″ x 16″ of working space. The large board has plenty of room for the finished puzzle.

Smaller puzzle-working board

The smaller board is 10″ X 15″ and I have found it is nice to use to set the like pieces on – all the yellow flowers and all the hot pink flowers. These boards are also great, because I can pick them up and move them if I need to. I suppose I could even sit on the couch with a board on my lap and one at my side. Very versatile.

I just started working on the puzzle this morning while I was waiting for everyone to wake up. I still have a long ways to go, but it will be fun. Already my husband has placed a few pieces. We will see which of us can’t resist working and working and working on it. It should be interesting. Nothing like a challenge.

Sincerely, Emily

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4 Responses to Starting a Puzzle

  1. Joni Jones says:

    I love doing puzzles. I have one from Betty that is all cats. I was saving it for Murrietta, but since that was canceled I guess I should do it now. Because I can’t bend over for any length of time I put sections on paper plates and work them on my lap then transfer them with a spatula to my puzzle board. So there you are another way of doing things.

    • Hey Joni! Merry Christmas. You cat puzzle sounds great. Send me a photo when you get it finished. I will work on the puzzle a bit now while it is quiet and everyone is still sleeping. Great idea about transferring it with a spatula. Clever!

  2. I usually do one or two puzzles during the winter with a card table set up in the middle of the room. This board looks like a terrific idea, the puzzle can be moved out of the way. I haven’t started my winter puzzle yet, but there is a blizzard forecast for the end of this week, so it might be time.


    • Hi Brenda- Thanks for stopping by. The boards I am using are wonderful! I am so glad my neighbor lent them to me. I have been working on the puzzle and it is SO easy to move it all with me where ever I am sitting! I am hooked – there will be more puzzles in my future.

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