Do you ever run out of spoons?

There are weeks we run out of spoons. Then there are weeks we run out of forks.

Out of spoons

I know this is based on what we are eating that week. Spoons get used daily for stirring tea, stirring the ginger beer plant, breakfast oatmeal or yogurt Then if we are eating soup a lot in the week I know we will run out of spoons (like the week we had split pea soup after Thanksgiving).

Next week it will be something different. We might be out of forks or we might be out of knives. Or it might even been bowls, or bread plates.

It is just one of those “things” I guess.

Does this happen to any of you?

Sincerely, Emily

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8 Responses to Do you ever run out of spoons?

  1. annie says:

    Oh, absolutely. We’re out of spoons right now and it’s the second time this week.

  2. We ran out of coffee cups recently. Had company, drank tea, went to bed, woke up, had coffee, then all our cups were dirty. Hmm. Had to wash dishes before the next round of tea. 🙂


  3. My silverware drawer will never be that clean.

    • HA. Notice I didn’t show you the sides around the silverware caddy! Those are the catch all spots where everything else falls like the serving spoons, measuring spoons and they are all just thrown in there.

  4. Mrs. Mac says:

    We used to run out of spoons all the time .. then I noticed in the backs of home type magazines for ‘sample’ spoons from stainless/silverware manufacturers for about $1.00 a piece (long time ago;) .. so I ordered a lot .. all different samples .. but very nice quality .. now we never run out of spoons ..

    • I have started buying old silver (plated) silverware when I find it (IF I like it). That is kind of fun. Kind of like all the different samples your ordered, it’s a nice mix-up of things.

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