Thank You cards

Here are the “thank you” cards I made this year to use after Christmas. When I am making cards and I have an idea I am working on there are times when that idea changes into something else during the process. In this case the card turned out the same, I just ended up changing the message.

Thank You cards

When I started making these cards they were for Christmas, but then I realized I still had boxes of other cards I had bought a few years back after Christmas when they were super inexpensive. I am trying to use things up, so I decided to use the boxed cards this year instead. I was amazed to hear the uproar from a few pilot friends when they received a boxed card instead of the norm of an aviation card or handmade. It was funny really.

My husband and I have a deal with Christmas cards. Every other year we send an aviation related card either supporting the Association of Naval Aviation (ANA) or the Air Force Association (AFA). Then the other years I get to choose: either to make cards or buy another type of card.

Christmas card version

These may still turn up as our Christmas card one year, but for now they worked well for my thank you notes.

Sincerely, Emily

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9 Responses to Thank You cards

  1. MAYBELLINE says:

    Nice touch.
    I enjoy getting mail rather than junk in the box.

  2. Jane Mastro says:

    I love those cards. They would be wonderful to receive.

  3. Mrs. Mac says:

    Nice cards .. we don’t send out Christmas cards anymore .. mostly because I hate being rushed .. so opted to send out New Year’s greeting cards .. homemade .. they still are time consuming (LOL) Ours go out on Tuesday.

    • I think that is a nice idea. We have some friends that opt out of Christmas cards too and send out Valentine’s cards instead. I try to start our Christmas cards early because I try to write in each one. That takes some time because we send out about 75+.

  4. Wonderful idea, multi purpose too! We’ve made a few wild flower cards and some basic stamped cards, but nothing as nice as yours, well done :o)

    BTW, thanks for your comments on our blog, I owe you an applogy, I had you confused with anothe Emily blogger that just had a baby a few months back, my bad for not being 100% certain before commenting a return comment on our blog, again so sorry for the mix up.


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