What’s in your dishwasher?

I use our dishwasher as a drying rack a lot. It is great for drying clean dishes and that frees up a lot of counter space.

What's in your dishwasher?

From time to time I will soak wine bottles to remove the labels and dry them in the dishwasher. I have friends save their bottles and then I pick out the ones I like and recycle the rest. I want to make a bottle tree. Have you seen one of those? Here is a link to some google images of bottle trees.

So far I only have one blue bottle, so I guess I need to keep collecting. We do not go out to eat much, but I have been known to ask the server or bar tender if they have any colorful empty wine bottles that I could take home with me. I get many strange looks, and usually have to explain why I want them. Unfortunately, I have never picked up any that way. I must be eating at the wrong places.

Do you have a bottle tree?

Sincerely, Emily

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4 Responses to What’s in your dishwasher?

  1. Jane Mastro says:

    I can’t believe they wont give you the bottles. They just go in the trash anyway. If you have a local craiglist you could request some on there. I see them all the time because we have a lot of people who make their own wine and are always on the look out for bottles. Good luck.

    • The restaurants I went to didn’t have any intersting or colorful bottles for me to take. After I explained why I wanted them, they were ok with it they just didn’t haven’t anything I wanted. I will keep trying. I love Craig’s List. I will keep my eyes open there! Great suggestion!

  2. Joni Jones says:

    I’ve never heard or seen a bottle tree before, however in AZ on the back road to Parker they have a shoe tree and fence.

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