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Cool as a Cucumber soup

Last summer when I was visiting my parents in Minnesota my mom and I made a lovely cold cucumber soup using cucumbers from my step fathers vegetable garden. The recipe we used was out of the old worn and well-used … Continue reading

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Real Food Challenge

I am joining the Real Food Challenge over at Not Dabbling in Normal. Everyone will have different goals in terms of what this challenge will mean to you.  If I were to look at the big picture, I would say … Continue reading

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Just wanted to share a pretty picture. This is a cabbage from last spring. This years cabbage has been through a lot (our abnormally freezing weather) and just doesn’t seem to look so picturesque. I think it will bounce back … Continue reading

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A visit to Nature’s Herb Farm in San Antonio

Last week I had a chance to visit Nature’s Herb Farm in San Antonio with an herb group I am involved in through the San Antonio Herb Society. Nature’s Herb Farm – Wow – What a great place! Each green … Continue reading

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Saturday morning sprinkles

We had a misty foggy morning on Saturday. Not enough moisture to really amount to anything, but any moisture is better than no moisture. Had to use the windshield wipers. Sincerely, Emily

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Homemade Pizza

I love making homemade pizza.  I use the no-knead dough recipe that I use to make bread and just cut each bowl of dough in half at the point where I set it aside to rest for 1 hour. That … Continue reading

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Squeezing Fresh Orange and Grapefruit Juice

On my recent road trip to Arizona and California I managed to bring back some fresh oranges and grapefruit. In Arizona I picked oranges from my friends tree. In Palm Springs I picked grapefruit. I had a chance to visit … Continue reading

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My cat likes olives

Seriously ! He does ! He likes black olive and green olives ! He also like ham and limo’s (not together), but those are stories for another day. I can’t remember how we discovered this little olive-liking tidbit. But it … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Cards

I have been making cards lately.  Making and Making…  More and More… The stamps on this Valentine’s cards are: Dear to my Heart 1997 – Stampin’ Up “Love” is from Wonderful Words 2004 – Stampin’ Up Since the creative juices … Continue reading

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A Catnip Christmas

I know Christmas has come and gone, but our cats are reliving it over and over again with some new toys they received. My husband and I do not really exchange a ton of gifts. If there is something we … Continue reading

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