Getting ready to plant blackberries

There is a section along the fence that has been just calling to me…..”till here”……”plant something here”…….”do it now”

"plant something here..."

Ok, maybe it was the voice in my head, maybe it was the voice in the wind, but it is time to plant something there. BLACKBERRIES!          I can’t wait!

Starting to till the area

My neighbor has an assortment of tillers to choose from. He has a small mantis, then a second one I like to call “The Beast”, and the third one you see in the photo above.  I was all ready to use The Beast, but he wanted to bring this other one down and use it. I can’t really give you the details other than it is geared, you can set your depth and it doesn’t knock the wind out of you when you use it on our concrete-like soil. I have not personally used this geared one, but I have used The Beast and boy is that an experience. The Beast will dig a hole if you just let it sit there, but it will also knock your teeth loose along with other bones in your body at the same time. BUT The Beast will go through anything.

Spreading a layer of manure

My neighbor didn’t get the area tilled to the depth we wanted. The ground just did not want to cooperate. After passing over each row about 6 times he was only able to get to a depth of about 4″ before the ground just wouldn’t budge at all.  It was forecast to rain in a few days so we decided to let the rain do some of the work and soften up the ground. I went ahead and spread a nice layer of manure mixed with bedding and waited for the rain to do the work.

We started this on January 6th. Since then it rained 2.5″ and a week later another 1.5″. I am still waiting for the ground to dry out enough to till.  The blackberry plants are patiently awaiting their new home.

I bought three varieties that are recommended for our area and I am looking forward to getting them in the ground.

  • Apache
  • Black Satin
  • Arapaho

Sincerely, Emily

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5 Responses to Getting ready to plant blackberries

  1. Jane Mastro says:

    It is nice to see someone is able to work the soil. Good luck with your planting.

  2. Blackberries would be so nice to have. Funny about our weather flip flopping, I have a feeling it will go back to normal soon. 🙂


    • I am excited about the blackberries! We woke up to snow this morning. All the major highways are icy and closed. My husband drove into work in his PT Cruiser and drove by all the big pick up trucks sitting sideways on the side of the roads. It will start to warm up tomorrow, but the blackberry bushes will have to wait until I can till the area a bit more.

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