A Catnip Christmas

I know Christmas has come and gone, but our cats are reliving it over and over again with some new toys they received.

Flat squirrel & flat skunk catnip toys

My husband and I do not really exchange a ton of gifts. If there is something we really need we just get it throughout the year. So when the 25th of Dec rolls around we tend to remind each other the things we bought throughout the year and say “Merry Christmas!”

On Christmas Eve my husband decided to go Christmas shopping on his way to the hangar to work on our plane. I reminded him not to buy me anything, but he feels he needs to get me something. So I came up with a few ideas. I wanted a longer basking brush to use on the grill. I have a short one, but the grill gets too hot and it is uncomfortable to use out there. I used to use a can of spray oil on the things I grilled. It worked great and kept the meat moist. I no longer buy the spray-can oil along with so many other things that contain ingredients that I can’t pronounce. Now I use olive oil and a basting brush.

My husband couldn’t find a longer basting brush so he got creative and bought me a nice long oven mit to use with the basting brush I currently have. That works, and he didn’t spend a lot of money. He also bought me a head light. Not a head light for my truck, but the kind you put on your head. I wanted one, so it was a great gift. It will work great when I need to go outside into the garden after dark to pick something or cover the Meyer Lemon tree in the dark.


Back to the catnip toys. I usually make little catnip pouches. Nothing fancy, just a little 2″x2″ fabric pouch filled with catnip and sewn up. But my husband came home with three cute little catnip toys for the three cats.  Kivuli (in the photo) received a flat duck (since he rules the roost, he can play with any toy he wants).  Cinder received a flat skunk and Tiger Tail received a flat squirrel.

played and played

There is nothing like a catnip sleepy kitty.

All tired out and 'catnip' happy

Sincerely, Emily

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