Valentine’s Day Cards

I have been making cards lately.  Making and Making…  More and More…

The stamps on this Valentine’s cards are:

  • Dear to my Heart 1997 – Stampin’ Up
  • “Love” is from Wonderful Words 2004 – Stampin’ Up

Valentine's card from 2010

Since the creative juices are flowing…

  • “Friendship” is from Kanji  2000- Stampin’ Up
  • “Love” is from Symbols of Solicitude 2006 – Stampin’ Up

"Friendship" and "Love"

While I am at it…

  • “Friendship” is from Kanji 2000 – Stampin’ Up
  • “Tranquility” and “Love” are from Symbols of Solicitude 2006  – Stampin’ Up

"Tranquility" "Harmony" "Love"

I have a nice work table upstairs. It is so easy to leave everything out while I am working. When I come up with a layout I like, I tend to make many cards with that layout but I change the paper color to create variety. I will keep some of the cards for my own use, my neighbors come and pick cards when they need one to send and I am starting a pile for my mom to give her for her birthday and Mother’s Day.

Sincerely, Emily

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