Squeezing Fresh Orange and Grapefruit Juice

On my recent road trip to Arizona and California I managed to bring back some fresh oranges and grapefruit.

Fresh grapefruit from Palm Springs

In Arizona I picked oranges from my friends tree.

In Palm Springs I picked grapefruit. I had a chance to visit our old neighbors in Palm Springs and picked five big bags of grapefruit. It was a very surreal feeling to be standing under their trees picking grapefruit like I did for the ten years we lived there.  It felt like I had never been away. It felt so natural. Their whole back yard is full of grapefruit and lemons trees. When we lived there I could pick as much as I wanted – and I did. I would juice it for my husband and I, and I would take bags to friends who wanted some. I would also take bags with me on Thursday nights to VillageFest where I would set up and sell my beadwork. Some of the vendors around me would take some and many of the tourists would take a few also. It was nice to be able to pass it on to people who would eat it. We had planted our own citrus trees in the first few years we lived there. We planted one orange tree, one grapefruit tree and one lemon tree. The lemon tree grew like a weed and was a heavy producer. The orange tree didn’t do well at all – probably because of where it was planted – we kept digging up car parts in that area of the yard. My husband is convinced that there was a a whole Chevy buried there, based on the parts we were finding.  And the grapefruit tree was just starting to produce when we moved.

Grapefruit and Oranges

I also dropped by Monica’s Quilt and Bead Creations in La Quinta to see friends. One of my friends was teaching a class and she had brought in bags of tangerines and lemons – gosh, had to bring home a bag of those too. YUM!

It is so nice to squeeze the fruit I brought home and drink such a wonderful memory in a glass.  I really miss the fresh citrus that I used to pick right over our fence, at the same time I am grateful that we were able to plant such a variety of fruit trees in our back yard here in Texas. When those trees get a few years older and start producing fruit I will have new fresh fruit memories that will help ease the sadness of the Palm Springs citrus that I am missing.

a sink full of remnants

I filled the sink twice with all the rinds from all the juicing I did. The kitchen smelled wonderful. I am so glad I had the room in my truck to bring it all back with me.

Sincerely, Emily

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6 Responses to Squeezing Fresh Orange and Grapefruit Juice

  1. Jane Mastro says:

    Oh how wonderful to pick fresh citrus from the tree. I have never had the pleasure of doing that. I bet the taste was out of this world.

    • It is so fresh. My gramps used to winter in FL and when we would visit him him every year. My brother and I each had our own grapefruit and orange trees. There was nothing like fresh squeezed juice in the morning. So when we moved to Palm Springs, I was thrilled to have fresh juice again. I miss it.

  2. I bet your kitchen smelled good. My mouth was watering just looking at that fresh citrus, and to stand under the tree and pick it, well I would love to do that.


    • The smell was fabulous. I can still get a whiff of it if I think hard enough and close my eyes. Oh wait – I just go pour a glass of grapefruit juice…that will help. I had SO much fun picking the fruit.

  3. MAYBELLINE says:

    Glad you came for a visit to California.
    Won’t citrus grow in your part of Texas? It IS wonderful to be able to have fresh citrus in your yard.

    • Citrus grows really well in some parts of Texas. I planted a Meyer Lemon last year, even though it is covered this winter, it is not looking good at all. Another tree I might try is a Satsuma Orange. I need to cover and protect the Meyer Lemon for the first few years to get it established, then it should do alright. I think it is the same for Satsuma. For now I have planted pear, apple, peach, fig, and plum. I will be very happy if those are do well.

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