A visit to Nature’s Herb Farm in San Antonio

Last week I had a chance to visit Nature’s Herb Farm in San Antonio with an herb group I am involved in through the San Antonio Herb Society. Nature’s Herb Farm – Wow – What a great place! Each green house brought new “Oooo’s” and Aaaah’s from our group. The greenhouse where all the cuttings were hanging out and developing their root systems looked like a huge beautiful quilt of various shades of green.

All these plugs are started from cuttings

Most of their herbs they propagate from cuttings but there are a few they start from seed (like basil). Once the cutting has developed a good root system they are then potted up into a 4″ to develop more, and some will end up in gallon container. The cycle from propagating the cutting to the 4″ pot sold in the nursery is 12 weeks. If they have a problem (bug, virus, freezing weather worse than normal) they have to completely start over on those plants that are affected.

A whole green house of 4" pots

I don’t remember how many green houses they had, I lost count. They also had a building for propagating and one for potting too. It was really nice to be able to watch them go through each process and I was amazed and have a better respect for how hands-on and labor intensive this type of business is. So now when I see $4 on a 4″ pot, I might not gasp as much as I used to.

All the label sticks they use

They are not certified organic, but they grow their herbs organically and naturally.

A whole greenhouse just for succulents

Underground Water Collection System

They have recently added a large underground tank for water collection.

Things that I brought home with me

Things I brought home:

  • Thyme – Bath & French & Lemon
  • Oregano – Greek & Spicy Italian
  • Lemon Grass
  • Patchouli (forgot to bring mine in last fall)
  • Salad Burnett
  • Sorrel – red veined
  • Dill – bouquet
  • Winter Savory
  • Rue
  • Feverfew
  • Sage – Purple & Bath
  • Yarrow – Red & White
  • Comfrey

Now, I just have to patient and wait until mid-March to plant them outside. That gives me enough time to figure out where I will plant them. I already have some yarrow that I brought with me from my mom’s gardens in Minnesota last fall. I just can’t remember what color it is and I have had no luck starting yarrow from seed. I also have a few types of both oregano and thyme growing, but figured I could use a few more and they make nice filler plants amongst flowers and other things. I have some nice clumps of French Sorrel that are growing, but the Red Veined Sorrel caught my eye and I will enjoy planting that for it color.

The Rue and Feverfew I need to do some research on so I know a bit more about them. The Dill is going to go well in one of the herb or flower gardens to add some nice height in the middle. I have one comfrey plant that I covered last fall that seems to be doing alright so I will add the other either near that one or in another place in the yard.

The two sages I have growing have done really really well, growing into big plants. I am looking forward to the Purple Sage adding some color out there and the Sage Bath too. They both have nice flavor when I chew a bit of their leaves.

I did buy one Bee Balm plant. I have five transplants I brought from moms gardens last fall and have been crossing my fingers that they will make it through the winter and grow this spring. But just in case they don’t make it, I bought a 4″ pot of Bee Balm. My moms garden have several sections of Bee Balm and I just love the smell. It is incredible. the color is incredible and I have noticed when I working in her garden and I have been in the bee Balm the mosquitoes seem to leave me alone.

I have my work cut out for me this spring. I better come up with a location for each of these so I am not wasting time this spring when there are so many other things to work on too (planting veggies).

Sincerely, Emily

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2 Responses to A visit to Nature’s Herb Farm in San Antonio

  1. Jane says:

    I would love to just move into that greenhouse about now. We got a surprise 8 inches of snow and I am sick it.

    • We were there on Saturday morning and it was drizzling/misting but not cold. The greenhouses where very warm and humid. The plants were sure loving it. I do not miss living in MN & WI snow country!

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