Real Food Challenge

Real Food Challenge

I am joining the Real Food Challenge over at Not Dabbling in Normal.

Everyone will have different goals in terms of what this challenge will mean to you.  If I were to look at the big picture, I would say it would mean slow down and think about what you are eating and think about what changes you can make that will work for you. You are the one making these changes and it has to be something you want to do. If you can’t do the whole meal maybe your challenge is to try doing one thing a day or three things a week. Maybe start to substitute an apples or carrot sticks for that bag of chips. Look at what is on your plate for dinner, maybe just pick one thing like the boxed seasoned rice and start looking for a recipe (lots or recipes for free on line) and make it your self.

Starting to sprout mung beans

We all lead different lives. We all have different things going on in those lives. We all have different reasons for the the way we do things. There are two statements I hear the most from friends: “you have time to do these things, I don’t” or “if you were working you wouldn’t be doing all these things.” I really disagree with these statements. If I were working a full-time job I would be doing the same things I am now, but I do know my time would be managed differently.  Over the past three years I have made a number of changes in our lives; in what we eat, how I cook and starting a garden. These are choices and these choices are based on what I want in my life now. My choices are just that, mine. These are things I want to do.

I am making bread. I am ridding the cupboard of canned soups and other canned things (gosh that takes time when you have a stockpile). I am cooking organic dried black beans and chickpeas and freezing them to use later. I am making granola bars. I am growing more food.

No Knead Bread

Over 2 years ago I started making our bread

I have made a choice to do those things. There are still many things I want to do and I think this Real Food Challenge is a push to do some of them.  I am going to use this Challenge to focus on finding local meats. I am also going to use this challenge to think about what else I can learn to make (or make better). And I am going to use this challenge to think about what is in my freezer and use it. I am sure I will think of other things along the way and I will try to post frequently about what I am progressing.

If any of you want to join the Real Food Challenge just head over to Not Dabbling in Normal. They will be posting more about it as the start date of March 1st approaches. Keep in mind that you can start any time you feel you are ready.

Sincerely, Emily

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5 Responses to Real Food Challenge

  1. annie says:

    That is a lovely loaf of bread!

    We ended up donating our cans of soup, etc. to a food bank when we switched our diet over. I kept thinking I would use them but I couldn’t bring myself to eat them so I finally gave up.

    Good luck on the Real Food Challenge! Can’t wait to read more posts about it.

    • That’s a great idea! There are some things that have been in there over two years since I started making changes and I can’t bring myself to use them either (like the cream condensed soups).

  2. Nancy says:

    Bravo, Emily! If everyone started making small changes it would add up to major ones. I started making all our bread about 3 years ago and now that it’s a habit, it’s not a big deal. In fact there is something very relaxing about kneading bread (and if it’s a nice sunny day I use the solar power and a bread machine). Best of luck to you with your changes!
    ~ Nancy

    • That is how I started – with small changes. I think it has been about 2 1/2 years since I started making the no-knead bread. Nothing to it. That was one of the first things I stared to do and I don’t think I could ever go back to buying bread int he store.

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