My version of “fried rice”

Real Food Challenge

I laugh when I think of this, but when I was growing up and we went to a Chinese Restaurant to eat I always ordered Fried Rice. Combo fried rice, pork fried rice, chicken fried rice. If my parents let me I would have an extra order to take home (that didn’t happen very often.) My point is I loved fried rice.

Somewhere along the way I found the seasoned packets in the grocery store and used those to make my own fried rice at home.  Along with that seasoning packet, I would always add egg and soy sauce. I usually had a bag of peas in the freezer and those would go in too. Then anything else in the fridge was fair game. Fried Rice was a great way for me to use up what was in the fridge – a little of this, a little of that.

About two years ago I had Bulgar Wheat as a side dish at a friends house.  It had been something her husbands family had grown up eating. They would eat it as a warm side dish or cold the next day on a salad.  I really liked its nutty flavor and at that point in time I was trying to add more grains into our diet. Bulgar Wheat fit the bill there. I started making Bulgar Wheat as a side dish and we haven’t looked back. Bulgar wheat is rich in B vitamins, iron, phosphorous and manganese. It has good fiber and protein also.

Well, last week I was having a fried rice craving and decided I would use our left over Bulgar Wheat instead of rice and my new version of “Fried Rice” was born.

I started by heating the cast iron skillet with coconut oil and added some diced up pork that was left over in the fridge. To that I added some left over bulgar wheat.

Bulgar Wheat & Pork

On the bulgar and pork were heated through I added my chopped greens. This time it was a combination of chard and spinach. I added the greens to the skillet and let them wilt and soften up into the mixture. (last night I added spinach, chard & kale – use what ever you have)

Adding spinach, chard & kale

The greens wilted into the mixture

I served this “fried rice” topped with a sliced onion stalk.

My version of fried rice

This was a simple meal. The only other things we ate was a side salad with fresh lettuce and spinach from the garden and homemade salad dressing.  So, what categories did I cover with this “Real Food” meal?

  • Bulgar Wheat – not local, but organic
  • pork – not local or organic (not good)
  • chard, kale, spinach – garden & organic
  • onion stalk – garden & organic
  • coconut oil – not local, but organic
  • lettuce – garden, organic
  • cucumber – not local, not organic
  • balsamic vinegar – not local, organic
  • olive oil – not local, organic
  • mustard – not local, not organic

Kind of a mixture on this one: Local, not local. Organic, not organic. Real Food – YES

Sincerely, Emily

P.S. It was time to season my cast iron skillet. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Cast iron needs to be seasoned

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7 Responses to My version of “fried rice”

  1. abbyrex2323 says:

    This looks great. I make mine with quinoa. I use a lot of the same ingredients including coconut oil!

  2. Teresa says:

    Your version of fried rice looks great and very yummy.

    I’m familiar with Bulgar wheat, so can you tell me where you purchase it?

    • Hi Teresa. Thanks for stopping by. It took me a while to find Bulgar wheat at first because I wasn’t looking in the right stores. When ever I visited anyone I would always go into the grocery stores in their area to see if they had it. I have purchased Bulgar wheat from Phoenix, AZ and Austin, TX and a few points in between. I have now found it in some of the stores around my area that carry bulk grains like Sun Harvest Markets (located in the SW) or Sprouts and somewhere like Whole Foods might carry it. I have found it in a few health food stores in packages on the shelf too. I know recently when I have been looking for it I have not found any organic Bulgar wheat to purchase, so that is something I have to work on. I might have to order it from somewhere, I just don’t know yet. I hope you have find it and if you don’t, maybe some of the store will order it for you.

  3. I used to live on fried rice! Now that we try to reduce the amount of rice that we consume I’ll have to try it with both bulgar and quinoa. I bet it would also be tasty with some of the wild rices that are readily available without the white stuff.
    Thanks for the yummy recipe!

    • Hi Jennifer. I hope you enjoy it. I love using wild rice. I grew up in MN & WI and we had it often growing up. That has continued into my adult life. I always buy it when I go home to visit. One of my favorites is mixing brown rice and wild rice and adding mushrooms, ground meat and peppers.

  4. It is going to take a certain amount of self restraint and imagination but hopefully I will empty the cupboards and discover some new recipes..Egg fried rice is one of my favourite dishes simple to make and one can use all the fridge bottom vegetables and leftovers up in it but the rice for it requires cooking first. .Special Fried Bulgar Wheat Serves 2 .3oz 75 grams dried bulgar wheat soaked for 20 mins as aboveHandful frozen peas and sweetcornFinely sliced chorizo or ham bacon left over roast meat Half a courgette or cucumber Grated Carrot2 Eggs beatenSoy SauceOlive Oil.Simply fry any raw meat until cooked add the vegetables and stir until cooked throw in the soaked bulgar wheat and stir.

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