Real Food Roundup Week 2

Real Food Challenge

I was just over at Not Dabbling in Normal reading their week 2 review of the Real Food Challenge. I always find it inspirational  to read what others are doing in their challenge and how we each have different goals we are trying to accomplish.

This week I ate out of the freezer and cupboards. I stopped at the market once for bananas, that’s it.  I am working at reducing what is in the freezer so I can make room for more local and organic meats and foods. I want to make sure I have room in the freezer when things start maturing in the garden so I can freeze what I want and also work on preserving what I can. I won’t start planting outside for another month (+/-) but I want to be ready.


This week I picked up my first order of organic farm eggs through the local co-op I found recently. The eggs are great. I also picked up a 25lb bag of organic sprouted whole grain flour to use in the breads I make. The flour is not local, but it is organic.

I laugh when I try to think back at what we ate this week.  All I can think is that since I don’t put much into the planning of our meals, apparently I also don’t do much in terms of memories stored on what we ate either….I am really trying to think of what we ate.

I make granola bars and that is what my husband takes for his breakfast (eats it on the way to work). I ate eggs most mornings with toast. There was a morning I had toast with my mom’s raspberry jam. On the weekend (if my husband is home and not heading off to work) I make oatmeal.  For drinks throughout the day I will mostly have water. I will usually have tea in the morning and some ginger beer (homemade) in the afternoon or evening. We are eating fresh garden salads at every meal with homemade dressing.  My husband was gone  for several days this past week, so meals are really loss for me. I eat when I am hungry. Salads, Yogurt, Bulgar wheat concoction, brown rice with veggies and greens, eggs. earlier in the week I made a Pumpkin, turkey and brown rice dish for dinner. That was a hit with everyone in the house that night. Tonight is another version of that with sausage out of the freezer. I am starting to see noticeable holes in the freezer, that is such a good thing.

Fresh lettuce in the garden

I am fortunate that my husband will eat the same thing for two or more nights in a row without complaining or even take it for lunch if he is in town. This has always been a huge time saver for me and makes life that much easier. I try to get too carried away with the amounts of food that I make but for the past five months we have had a friend living with us and another friend coming and going frequently I have noticed that food doesn’t last as long as it used to when it was just the two of us. At this rate I should have the freezer empty in no time at all. ha

making salad dressing

The past two weeks with the RFC I feel I have accomplished some of my goals (finding more local foods) but there is always more to do. I find this is challenging me to clear out what I have to make room for more local and organic foods. It will be ongoing, but I am happy I am making progress.

Sincerely, Emily


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6 Responses to Real Food Roundup Week 2

  1. Jane says:

    Your meals are ending up being so healthy. What a great side effect of the challenge!

    • For the most part our meals are healthy. I rarely eat out, that is harder for my husband since he is gone a lot and that is his only option. I cut out drive through several years ago. Right now it is making the switch to organic meats and I am finding there is still so much to eat in the freezer. This challenge is great for me to focus on using those up and moving on. I have been pretty happy with what we are eating at home the past few years. I am so glad to kick it up a notch with the garden too.

  2. Zonnah says:

    I am glad your week went well for you. My husband will eat the same thing several days in a row as well and you are right, it does save time!

    • Zonnah, thanks for stopping by. I am heading over to see how you are doing on the RFC. Glad to hear your husband will eat the same thing a few times in a row too. SO NICE!

  3. That fresh lettuce growing lots wonderful, I can hardly wait to pick fresh lettuce for dinner. Unfortunately there is still several feet of snow covering the garden.


    • I really love the colors in the difference lettuce types. That green is almost a neon green (naturally!) and it is wonderful to eat. I am so glad we have 3 growing seasons. Lettuce all winter long! You will be planting things before you know it (although I know winter isn’t over yet for you – it’s spring break time and that always meant a huge storm to us when we lived in MN)

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