Spring Planting

The past two years I have been trying to follow moon planting (I am not even sure that is the correct name for it). Friday and Saturday were the best days for planting above ground grown vegetables (veggies that you harvest above ground – tomato, squash, beans, etc.). I had some other things happening on both of those days so I was really hustling to get things in the ground.

Planting tomatoes

I have already had one casualty. A Sweet Napoleon pepper plant. So Sad! I went out to water this morning and saw the leaves all laying on the ground. After digging a bit around the base of the plant I found the largest cut worm I have ever seen! Dang! I will have to keep an eye on things.


I still have a few winter things growing in the garden so I am trying to work around those things. I am finding that to be a challenge in itself.  Somehow I need to work out a better system of what gets planted where in the winter and what areas I need in the early spring for planting. Right now there is a full bed of cabbage that isn’t ready to pick yet and there are two full beds of lettuce still growing. Some of the lettuce is going to seed. Those seeds  should be ready to harvest soon and I can then get that bit cleared. There are still several lettuce types that are growing and I am happy to still be eating lettuce, although it has been so hot they are going to start bolting any day now. The cabbage, I just don’t know about. They aren’t even halfway developed yet. I will wait a few more weeks and see what it does. I  also need to remind myself to be a bit more patient and I also need to keep reminding myself that these things will give me an opportunity to stagger the dates of some of the things I am planting.

Lettuce - flowering and seeds developing

If I stick with the moon planting calendar then next week, on Tuesday and Wednesday,  I will be planting some below ground veggies (veggies that you harvest that grow below ground – beets, carrots, turnips, etc.) It seems most of the things I am planting right now are above ground. I didn’t get everything in the ground yesterday so I either need to wait until April 5 & 6, or work on it while I can in the next few days.

Sincerely, Emily

Note: I decided to finish planting the tomatoes on Sunday. They are all in the ground. I am happy to have them done! I have a few more cages to make for them, but I can work on those over the next few days.

22 March – Another note: I looked into what I call Moon Planting. I have learned there are a few other things to call it: “Gardening by the Moon”,  “Lunar Planting”, “Moon Planting”, “Planting my the moon phases”. Here is a link to the almanac information. The page that comes up is for my area, just plug in your zip code to get an idea for your area. There is a little paragraph that describes “Planting by the moon”.

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6 Responses to Spring Planting

  1. I like the tomato cages you have, mine weren’t tall enough last year. I had several poles stuck in the ground and lots of ties.


    • They are great. They are 5′ tall with 6″x6″ openings. I am not real thrilled with the rusty wire though (but it works). I needed more cages for this years tomatoes, so I just purchased a roll of galvanized fencing. It will work great too.

  2. eva626 says:

    oh cool..i got to start planting my mini garden soon! but idk here the weather is sunny one day and cold and wet the other…dilemma for novice gardeners huh lol..great post!

  3. Earth Mama says:

    I am sure there is something called moon planting. I know the Native Americans always planted sunflowers on the April full moon. How lovely your garden is growing! :)Lisa

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