Crustless Quiche

Real Food Challenge

I used to make crustless quiche a lot when I had a local source for eggs. The local egg source disappeared and I got out of the habit is making the quiche. This is a very easy recipe and one that works great for using up things in the refrigerator (or in my case right now, cleaning out the freezer!)

cleaning out the freezer…still

This quiche turned out great and the guys liked it too (always a good sign). There is a basic base for this recipe and the rest is what ever you want to add to it for fillers and flavorings.

Basic Base: (612)

  • 6 egg
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 cups grated cheese

The way I remember the base as (612) the area code in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area where I grew up. The area codes have changed around there since I was young, but I will always remember that one. I can still remember the phone number we had when we lived in Wisconsin when I was young…you didn’t even have to dial the whole number, just part of it to call someone in the area. Instead dialing 555-1111, you would just dial 5-1111.

Ok, this really isn’t a post of area codes or phone numbers, it really is a post on a crustless quiche!

Beat your eggs and milk together. At that point I add in my fillings, saving the cheese to add in as the very last thing. I also wait until the end to add any additional seasoning. The seasonings I add are going to vary based on what fillings I am adding.

So, in the spirit (still) of cleaning out the freezer, I pulled out some interesting things.

  • shredded zucchini
  • orka
  • basil pesto
  • sausage

I have no idea what the original recipe said in terms of  measurement recommendations were for adding fillers. Here is an estimate of the amounts I used: 1/2 cups shredded zucchini – squeezing out all the liquid that was there from freezing it. 1 cup of okra. 3T basil pesto. 1+ cups sausage. To this batch I didn’t add any salt since there is a salty taste in the sausage and also salt in the Parmesan cheese I used in the basil pesto. I did add crushed red pepper flakes to give it some additional kick and also added black pepper.

Pour it all into a greased quiche dish or pie plate (needs to be a big one). I tend to also put a cookie sheet under this while it backs to collect any juices that might run over.

I had part of a tomato left in the fridge so I sliced it and put it on top covering it a bit with some more shredded cheese.

Bake at 350F for approximately 30 min. I set the timer and take a peak and then decided if it is done or if it needs more time. I look for a puffy quiche that is a bit brown on the top and is pulling away from the edges of the plate ever so slightly. Also, one thing to keep in mind if you are adding a lot of vegetables with a lot of moisture in them, you might need a bit more time in the oven. Just keep an eye on it. Once it is out of the oven I let it set for 10-15 minutes to cool and set up a bit. The puffiness will fall a bit, that is alright.  Then dig in!

Crustless Quiche

This recipe lends itself to 1000’s of possible combinations. Sometimes I add meat, sometimes it is all vegetables. Either way, add to it things you and and family like and it is bound to be a winner.

So, let me make a list and see how I did on my quest to be local and organic.

  • Eggs – Local, Organic
  • Milk – Local, raw
  • Cheese – not local, not organic
  • Zucchini – Local, Organic (from the garden)
  • Okra – Local, Organic (from the garden)
  • Basil Pesto – Local, Organic (from the garden)
  • Sausage – Not local, not organic

Apart from the meat and the cheese, this was a great meal for us! I am happy that once all the freezer meat is gone I can focus on getting the local meat I am finding nearby. As far as the cheese goes, I hope (someday) to be able to make all the cheese we use. I just need a bigger cheese fridge to hold it all (dreaming of a bigger cheese fridge)

Crustless Quiche with fresh toasted bread

Served with fresh toasted bread and a side salad made from lettuce from the garden.

Sincerely, Emily

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9 Responses to Crustless Quiche

  1. The quiche looks really good and without the crust it would have fewer calories, I like that idea. I also like the way you remember the base 612, I have always remembered that area code as well.


  2. Zonnah says:

    Yum! Thanks for the base recipe. I like recipes that can change depending on what is in the fridge.

  3. Vicky Hadley says:

    I found your website by looking for a quiche recipe. I have to comment that I too remember dialing phone numbers like you wrote, only I grew up in Eastern Ky. It brought a smile to my face 🙂 I bought 5 dozen of organic eggs for a buck a carton!!!! I’ll be making many different quiches tomorrow, thanks for a yummy recipe!

    • Hi Vicky, thanks for stopping by. I am glad you got a kick out the area code thing I use to remember my quantities on the crustless quiche. The recipe is so versatile that I think you will enjoy it. WOW $1/doz organic eggs. I would have bought 5 doz also. Great deal!

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