Did I mention that we have deer in our neighbohood?

Did I mention that we have deer in our neighborhood?  I can’t remember if I have. When I tell friends (friends that don’t live in Texas) that we have deer around here, I know they just don’t understand. In Wisconsin we would see an occasional deer (one deer, maybe two) out the windows of the cabin, or out in the back yard in Minnesota from time to time. We would mostly see them when we were driving and they would run across the road.

So when I tell friends that we have deer here I try to explain by saying….

a few deer

“When I say “deer” I mean 30 deer. I can’t leave the house and drive down our street without seeing a minimum of 10 deer but usually more like 15-20 at one time” And I can hear it in their voices – they just don’t understand.

We have a lot of deer in the neighbohood

The deer here are much smaller here than the deer I grew up around up north. The neighborhood we live in does not allow hunting, so the numbers just keep increasing. Many neighbors feed these deer, so the herd that lives on our street doesn’t have to work for most of their food. They just meander up and down the street based on who is feeding at what time of day.

D E E R !!!

The photos are taken through our from glass door. I know they are not the best photos, but if I open the door the deer will all run off. Soon all the fawns will start to arrive and the population will increase again especially with many of the mothers giving birth to twins.

It is a challenge to grow things with so many deer around. Our back yard is fenced in and we only had to replace a few low sections when we first moved here to keep them out. Oh they can just effortlessly spring right over our fence if they want to – and they do from time to time, mainly during rutting season and the females are on the run…..right over the fence and through the back yard. All of the fruit trees and vegetable gardens that we have worked on are in the back yard.  I just cross my fingers that nothing ever looks too enticing for them.

For now, my efforts are in the back yard. One day I will spend time in the front yard, being creative with deer resistance plants (or as deer resistant as I can get). Even the deer will eat anything when they get hungry enough especially when we have no rain. They have nibbled on my rosemary and lantana in the front yard (very deer resistant plants). I don’t want to invest a lot of time or money out there until I am ready.

Sincerely, Emily

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8 Responses to Did I mention that we have deer in our neighbohood?

  1. Jane says:

    I have a small herd on my property and they always seem to leave me alone. But just a few miles into the city, I hear constant complaints of the deer eating anything and everything. Someone even told me the deer ate their Halloween decorations on the porch. I kinda laugh, because they way I figure, the deer where here way before any humans. We moved in on them.

    • They only leave our plants a lone because the back yard is fenced in. Otherwise there would be nothing there. I completely agree, the deer were here first. What I have a hard time with is every third house on the street feeding them.

  2. Zonnah says:

    Wow that is a lot of deer! I bet you have to keep on the watch when driving at night so you don’t hit one. We live right in town so rarely see deer but I did see two a couple blocks away from us and have no idea where they are living.

    • Driving is interesting. The deer don’t seem to jump out in front of you here. In MN & WI if you saw a deer near the road you just knew it was going to jump out in front of you. Here, they just seem to mostly stand there and watch you drive by. I know they jump out here at time and I always slow down because all it takes is one time. It can be unpredictable, so it is worth slowing down.

  3. eva626 says:

    you have a deer in you backyard? so cool, we have deers in the woods that surrounds our college..kinda creepy.. about a few months ago I was riding in my brothers car to the mall and we saw a dead deer on the side! someone hit it with their car..it was a sad sight to see!!! great post btw

    • We have deer wandering up and down our street and around our neighborhood all the time. No deer in our backyard since it is fenced in. Unfortunately we do see dead deer along the road that have been hit. It is sad. I never thought it was creepy to have deer around, they are actually very gentle and beautiful animals. I enjoy watching them.

  4. Merry says:

    A wife’s tale I have heard said that if your husband pees into a jar and you splash here and there in the area the deer stay at in your backyard, it will coax them to stay away (like “marking your territory”.) My husband is on medication, so I could not use his, and my teen age son just looked at me “funny”. I have had mother deer and babies every year eating my bushes and vegetables. The best thing that happened is that a section of my fence blew down early last fall (and winter moved in quickly before we could repair that section.) The neighbor’s two dogs have been running in and roaming our acre plus property, peeing along the way. They really have not harmed anything, just a nuisance, really. Anyway, the result – not one deer all fall, winter and now spring! Now, I am not a dog person, per se, I grew up with 4 dogs crammed into a small house and have nothing against them, but I am amazed at what has happened. I grow ornamental bushes as a small nursery and have fenced and used deer deterrents on that part of my property to no avail. I just might have to get a dog, after I fix my fence, of course. 🙂

    • I completely understand the idea of marking your territory. I know I could never get my husband to walk around the front yard to to this, so I will have to convince him to pee in a jar (that is going to be a challenge I know). Since the back yard is fenced I have no problems back there and I have nothing planted in the front for them to eat . A dog is out of the question at this point in our lives. Thanks! I know once I start to plant things in the front it will be a mix of things like lantana, verbena, rosemary and salvia.

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