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The rain is just teasing us

The other day we were just being teased. Well, my barrel remains as empty as it did when it started to rain.  You can see the big drops of rain coming off the gutter. It looked hopeful, but it didn’t … Continue reading

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I have a foot fetish

Cute furry feet are hard to resist Sincerely, Emily P.S. Blackie is one of the neighbors cats.

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The tomatoes are growing

Every day I take a walk to see how things are growing. Every day I see something new. The “Farmers Market” tomato plants that I have in the above were originally purchased at a near by farmers market. I do … Continue reading

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Naples Botanical Gardens

A few weeks ago I flew to Florida to share the driving with my mom back to Minnesota for the summer.  I was in Florida less than 36 hours before we hit the road to drive north. My mom and … Continue reading

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Cap Naps

I used to have one of those automatic signatures set up on our email. It said, “From the house of fur balls and cat naps.” and then it would be followed by our names. I am sure that I have … Continue reading

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Little Surprises

The above photo shows some little yellow pear tomatoes developing. I missed them completely on my first few looks. They are sneaky! There are several tomato plants that have tomatoes developing, but these young green pear tomatoes definitely blend and … Continue reading

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Checking things out in the Garden

After being away for several days last week, I always enjoy taking a walk around the back yard to check on the plants and trees and see how things are doing. I am amazed at how things are growing and … Continue reading

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Kniting project DONE!

Finally. I have had the pieces to this project finished for over a week and I finally sat down to sew things together. This was a lot of fun. I learned a lot. I could never remember how to cast … Continue reading

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Beaded Necklace

It has been a long time since I beaded anything. Too long. I started this necklace a while ago (I am embarrassed to say almost one year ago) and it has sat on the coffee table unfinished all this time. … Continue reading

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My cat likes fish (And I don’t mean for dinner)

I mentioned in a previous post that Kivuli like olives…well, he also likes fish, but not for dinner…for nap time. Yes, you read that correctly – NAP TIME! Let me introduce you to Kivuli’s Fish! We had a nice big … Continue reading

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