Memories – Gram’s crocheted potholders

I use these from time to time and always think of my Gram.

Gram's crocheted potholders (1980's)

I really should use them more. The round one in the photo above is older than the rest. I will guess that is from the 70’s. It is quite possible I made the lavender one in the photo below with the pink edging. I remember working on a lavender one, I just don’t remember finishing it..maybe Gram finished it… I just can’t remember.

A few more (1980's)

This is one of my favorites. I use this one everyday.

Gram's handle holder (early 70's)

I really want to make a few more of these handle holders. It is so handy to use and so nice to look at too.

I am going to march into the kitchen right now and put these pot holders on the top of the pile. I think it is a good idea to use them more often. I used to “save” all this nice linens and towels and miscellaneous things for special occasions. I have (mostly) gotten over that and use the vintage hand towels and linens every day now. They don’t do any good in the box or folder neatly on a shelf or in a drawer. I would rather use them and enjoy them. So now I will do that with these potholders Gram made too.

Sincerely, Emily

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5 Responses to Memories – Gram’s crocheted potholders

  1. Zonnah says:

    What a good idea for the handle of the cast iron! I will have to make some soon 🙂 I agree about using items. I had a set of dishes for special occasions but when those occasions occurred I always forgot about the dishes. So, like you, I decided to just use them every day.

    • I used to use my Gramps dishes every day. Somehow I have gotten away from that. I might have to bring them to the front cupboard and use them more regularly again. I always loved them

  2. eva626 says:

    wow they are so soft looking! my mom uses our so much…they are so torn and old..not even useable again (this is her fifth or sixth pair of potholders…i guess i have to buy some more now lol)

  3. My grandmother made dishcloths that look exactly like your purple and pink one and taught me how to make them, which I continue to do. I have a couple of hers that I still use. Sadly she is now in a nursing home, close to death. I treasure all those small crocheted cloths that she made and the time she spent teaching me how, I will miss her terribly.


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