Little Surprises

These are sneaky!

The above photo shows some little yellow pear tomatoes developing. I missed them completely on my first few looks. They are sneaky! There are several tomato plants that have tomatoes developing, but these young green pear tomatoes definitely blend and hide well. I will compare them to another sneaky vegetable in the garden – the zucchini. You look and you look and don’t see anything and WHAM there it is. How do they do that so well? I will welcome them all!

The other day I was out picking some chard and kale. This time of year I really check each leaf for bugs and eggs.  This leaf must have been a prime spot. Maybe it was the bug version of “parking” or “make-out point.”  If you look really closely you can see the eggs (uniform cylindrical black dots with white rings) near some of them are tiny little beetles that I think are hatching. I have no idea what type of beetle it is or whether it is a “good” bug or a “bad” bug. One day (SOON) I hope to get around to identifying it.

This leaf is popular!

Sincerely, Emily

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6 Responses to Little Surprises

  1. Fresh tomatoes soon, I’m really look forward to that! Not sure what those bugs are, looks like a lot of eggs though.


  2. Jane says:

    I hate finding those eggs on the garden plants. And I especially hate finding them on the greens that I am eating at the time. Yuck.

    • There are so many bugs out there laying eggs right now, that I am checking every leaf as I pick it. Takes a lot more time, but worth it. Ya, I don’t want to find them when I am eating the greens. Double yuck! The greens are winding down and all going to seed, so there are very few greens out there to pick.

  3. Hi Emily, I would get in touch with your local extension office and see if you can email them the photo. They would probably be able to tell you right away if you’ve got a good bug or a bad bug. If it is a good bug, hooray! If it is bad, time to squish them before they proliferate.

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