Naples Botanical Gardens

A few weeks ago I flew to Florida to share the driving with my mom back to Minnesota for the summer.  I was in Florida less than 36 hours before we hit the road to drive north. My mom and step-dad have a condo down there with no gardens of their own, so they spend some of their time volunteering at the Naples Botanical Gardens.

I have not been to Florida in about five years and it has been even longer since I have been to the botanical gardens, so we headed over there for a tour so I could see the different projects they had been working on.

Here are a few photos from our tour.

Beautiful bromeliads

Some spectaular water lilies blooming

They also had a nice area displaying raised vegetable beds with loads of vegetables growing when I was there.

raised vegetable beds

My parents took me on a great tour of the gardens. So much has changed in the many years they have voluteered there. I am glad they have such a nice place to volunteer when they are in Florida.

Sincerely, Emily

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2 Responses to Naples Botanical Gardens

  1. What a fine way to garden, even when you don’t have a garden space of your own.


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