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Happy Kitty

My neighbor’s cat, Snoopy, has found a nice shady spot to sit. Sincerely, Emily

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Sacrifices in the garden

Sacrifices…Humfph! I lost all of the Australian Butter Squash vines. They were growing so well, with their vines crawling along the ground longer and longer. They were flowering beautifully. You can see them in the photo below on the left … Continue reading

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Chili …or is it Chilli… or is it Chile

I have found that Texans are pretty particular about their chili. They are also pretty particular about their barbeque, but I won’t get into that. I even found a website that talks about the history and legends of chili! Interesting … Continue reading

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Starting to harvest lovely veggies

It is an exciting time in the garden. Time to start to harvest things. Little by little, day by day I am able to pick a few things. The swiss chard is doing well. I have it planted on the … Continue reading

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John Deere Driver – in training

Blackie lives next door. I noticed he was in training the other day. John Deere Drivers Training. Time for a rest after all that training. Sincerely, Emily

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Spreading leaves for mulch

A few days ago I worked at spreading some more leaves around the vegetable gardens to use as a layer of mulch. Any leaves that fall in our yard get run over by the lawn mower and mulched back into … Continue reading

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Oh, Deer

This little one was outside our front door on May 1st. It was so small, at first I thought it was a rabbit. then I quickly realized we really don’t see rabbits around here….. Deer! ya, that’s it. Last year … Continue reading

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Field Trip: Hill Country African Violets & Nursery

I went on a field trip the other day. I guess instead of the word “field trip” I could say adventure or outing, but I like the idea of a field trip. I was with a few friends and we … Continue reading

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An evening of aggravating armadillos

Armadillos. While looking for a little information to share with you I found a website that calls the armadillos a rather “odd looking beast.” Hmmmm, that about covers is. There is another University of San Francisco has paper on line … Continue reading

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It isn’t dry anymore…

The huge cracks in the ground I posted about earlier today are gone! When I headed outside this morning around 6:30am the sky was an odd color. It wasn’t stormy green or morning light, it was just odd. I went … Continue reading

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