Mr. Toad

I have a nice shaded area off the deck where I have a few flats of 4″ pot where I start seeds.

Starting seeds

This particular flat has been there for quite a while (well over a month, maybe more like two months). Several of the seeds never sprouted and the flat has just sat there. Originally I started with many 4″ pots of hollyhock seed, one sprouted and has been transplanted out in the garden long ago. I also potted up a few seeds I collected from a vine I found on a fence in downtown San Antonio and there were a few ground cherry seedlings I transplanted in there too. My mystery vine never sprouted, the ground cherry’s never really grew until recently. I still hit this flat with the hose now and then (not very consistently after several weeks of nothing sprouting) thinking something may still sprout and just last week another hollyock sprouted.

I was watering this silly flat the other day, suddenly I detected movement in one of the pots.

Something is peeking out at me

Do you see what I see?

A nice place to cool off

I sprouted a toad. I don’t remember planting toad seeds.

Mr. Toad has found the prime spot. I went out there yesterday to check on him, but he wasn’t in his little 4″ house.  I put a big saucer of water near the flat for him and moisted his 4″ house down for his return home.

Last night I peaked again and found him burrowed back into his 4″ house looking all happy with that big smile on his face.

I guess that flat will sit there a bit longer now. That’s alright, maybe another hollyhock will sprout, or one of my mystery vine seeds. I guess I will reseed a few of the pots and see what happens now that I will be regularly watering Mr. Toads 4″ pot. I figure since I grew a toad, maybe I will better luck the second time around with the mystery vine and a few more seeds.

Sincerely, Emily

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9 Responses to Mr. Toad

  1. Jane says:

    I would love to grow a few toads. They are the only thing that eats those horrible slugs. I would move that flat right in the garden to stay. Isn’t it wonderful when you finally get a visitor in the garden that is GOOD.

    • I am seen a few over the past few years. There was one burrowing at the base of the pear tree last fall. I hope that one is still around too. I am thrilled Mr. Toad is staying in his little 4″ house. Ya know, I may just move that flat into the garden. I will look around here for a little table or something to shade him. That’s a great idea!! THANKS!

  2. Joni Jones says:

    how cool is that

    • Cool for him and cool for me. He will eat some bad bugs. I will make him as comfortable as I can so he will stay. I already checked him this morning and he is resting in his 4″ house.

  3. Very cute! Looking for a cool, moist spot to rest.


    • I saw him out and about today. He was on the pathway near the deck and I suggested he stay off the path because he blends in so well and I almost didn’t see him.

  4. Zonnah says:

    That is awesome!

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