A Saturday Fieldtrip: Shades of Green & Pearl Brewery Farmers Market

Saturday and Sunday mornings on a local am radio station I listen Bob Webster’s local organic garden program. Bob Webster also has a nursery in San Antonio called Shades of Green. This past Saturday I went to Shades of Green to attend a canning seminar. I have wanted to check out his nursery for a long time now and I finally had my chance.

Shades of Green nursery - San Antonio, Texas

I arrived early enough to get a good seat for the seminar and have a chance to wonder around the nursery grounds. I loved the boardwalks throughout the nursery and the little nooks and cranny’s, and vignettes here and there.

Shades of Green nursery

Shades of Green will celebrate 30 years in business tomorrow. I enjoyed my time there and will definitely go back.

Shades of Green nursery

After the seminar I went downtown to see the Pearl Brewery Farmers Market.

Pearl Brewery Farmers Market

The Pearl Brewery’s Farmers Market is relatively new. I am going to estimate that it is less than two years old.

Pearl Brewery Farmers Market

All in all in it was a good outing. I learned a few good things from the canning seminar, saw a great nursery and checked out a local farmers market.

Sincerely, Emily

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