It isn’t dry anymore…

The huge cracks in the ground I posted about earlier today are gone!

Storm rolling in

When I headed outside this morning around 6:30am the sky was an odd color. It wasn’t stormy green or morning light, it was just odd. I went in and checked the radar and there was a rather large storm cell brewing to the west of San Antonio.

Beginning to rain

Recently anything developing around here has just moved to the northeast and missed us completely. This one hit us head on, with force. The above photo looks like snow coming down with snow on the ground, but it really is rain starting to fall and the “snow” on the ground is really the brown drought dry grass.

The sky grew as dark as night and the wind came from every direction. Their were reported tornadoes and also rather large hail to the west, but we didn’t see any of that action.

Australian Butter Squash

The wind did a number on a few things. The Australian Butter squash plant was put through the ringer, but after checking it out it looks to be undamaged. The wind blew over the bamboo tee pee I have set up over it for the fava beans to climb. Many of the tomato cages blew over, even though they were anchored into the ground with rebar. Some of the tomato plants look pretty bad, but I will give them a few days to recover to see how they are really doing.

Extra rain barrels

The rain came down so fast from the north and it came at an angle. All the water that came off the north side of the house went smoothly into the rain barrel. The force of the water coming off the south roof missed the gutters completely,projecting right over them and cascading off the back like a waterfall. Initially very little went into the back rain barrels. I stood there watching the back area flood while the rain barrels were empty. It was quite an amazing sight, but frustrating at the same time. Eventually the rain lightened up and the back rain barrel started filling. I had the pump already hooked up so I plugged that in and started to transfer the water into another water barrel that isn’t hooked up yet. After seeing what happened with the rain, I sure wish I would have started transferring the front barrel since it filled to quickly and probably would have filled 2-3 times over. Oh well. At least I have some water collected.


Both rain gauges tell me a little over 1″. All the other buckets and things setting around the yard tell a much greater story. I know we got more than the rain gauge tells me. I know since it was coming down at such a severe angle the rain gauges didn’t get an actuate reading. Long story short…..WE FINALLY RECEIVED SOME RAIN!!!

I stepped off the back step and sunk into the mud up to my ankle. It always amazes me that the soil here can be hard as concrete one minute but when we get a little rain and the earth turns to mud/clay it is quite a different story. Sure glad I remained upright.

Sincerely, Emily

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3 Responses to It isn’t dry anymore…

  1. Zonnah says:

    I am glad you got some rain in your rain barrels! That is something I still would like to get and soon for our place. Although, I am sure we would not need them as much as you do!

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