Field Trip: Hill Country African Violets & Nursery

I went on a field trip the other day. I guess instead of the word “field trip” I could say adventure or outing, but I like the idea of a field trip. I was with a few friends and we went to the Hill Country African Violets & Nursery located in Boerne, Texas.

Orchid Green house

They are known for the orchids and African violets.


They had eleven green houses total. Several were dedicated to succulents, tropicals, orchids, and African violets, but there was one green house full of herbs, another was full of ferns and one periwinkles and impatiens. There were several outside areas filled with plants also.

I see more digging and planting in my future

They had a nice selection of other nice plants and shrubs/bushes. I managed to come home with:

  • Betony
  • Lady in Red Salvia
  • Penta
  • Angelonia
  • Mexican Blue Sage
  • Comfrey
  • Vicks plant
  • Mexican Heather

I already have most of them in the ground. Now to just keep them watered so they can get established.

Sincerely, Emily

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2 Responses to Field Trip: Hill Country African Violets & Nursery

  1. Zonnah says:

    Wow, those are some amazing orchids!

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