Oh, Deer

This little one was outside our front door on May 1st. It was so small, at first I thought it was a rabbit. then I quickly realized we really don’t see rabbits around here….. Deer! ya, that’s it.

May 1st baby

Last year we had one in the same general location. The momma’s will have their babies and leave them for up to about 24 hrs. They have not bonded with their babies yet and there is no scent on the little ones yet, so they don’t worry about predators. The momma deer goes off to rest and eat so she can regain her energy and strength to take care of the little one. The baby will move around a bit. This one moved a bit to the right of the photo to the tree and when I looked out later the baby was gone. It could have been in the cedar grove you see in the photo, but I wasn’t going out to look, it was better if I just let nature take its course.

On Sunday I was able to watch this momma and baby in the field next to our house.

Fun to watch

Sunday night as I was finishing up in the yard I saw twin babies scamper across the field.

Soon we will be seeing babies a lot. They are fun to watch. In the field next to us they have what I call “the baby race track”. Many of the babies run laps around this field, going around and around. It is funny to watch the different styles of running or leaping. There will always be a few that seem very competitive speed demons, running is the sleekest most aerodynamic way that they can, trying to attain the best speed. Then there are others that are leapers, just springing off all four hooves at the same time into the air. While others just trot by.  If one falls to far behind you will see them cut the corner to catch up with the rest (usually the speed demons doing that). Quite comical actually to watch the different personalities.

Sincerely, Emily

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3 Responses to Oh, Deer

  1. Zonnah says:

    I did not know that about the bonding of deer, very interesting.
    One day my husband was out riding his dirt bike when he spotted a baby deer, so he stopped, turned off his bike and it came right up to him! He got some beautiful pictures because of it 🙂

    • I didn’t know that either about the deer. Yesterday I helped move a baby out of our neighbors side yard that is fenced. Momma had baby inside the fence and then left and went outside the fence, but wasn’t coming in to feed it. Neighbors said that has happened many times and each time the momma wouldn’t coming back in the fenced area to feed. So we moved baby outside the fence and everything went well with the reunion. I bet your husband did get some great photos. What a neat experience

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