Starting to harvest lovely veggies

It is an exciting time in the garden. Time to start to harvest things.

Little by little, day by day I am able to pick a few things.

Harvested 22 May 2011

The swiss chard is doing well. I have it planted on the east side of the tomatoes to help shade it from the hot west sun in the afternoons.

Swiss Chard

The peppers are all growing well.

Wisconson Lakes Red Bell Pepper

Sweet Peppers (Cubanella)


I harvested the remaining Carnival Carrots on Sunday. They are so pretty and they did so much better than I ever expected. I had the carrots growing in with some onions and they both did really well. The southern-type peas I had planted in the same box did not like to be planted next to the carrots &/or onions. The three pea plants right up against the carrots/onions are barely more than 4″ tall while the others in the same box but further away are 3x the size. Sure tells me loud and clear that the peas don’t like one or both (carrots &/or onions). I didn’t intend for them to be planted together. The carrots and onions where there from the winter crops. I planted the peas this spring. On the other side of that same bed I have cucumbers climbing on the fence and the peas don’t seem to mind that at all. However the cucumbers are struggling – might not like the peas I guess. I thought they were alright to plant together as companions. I need to read up on that again I guess. The cucumbers are growing better now, but they really struggled at first. (I don’t know the name of the southern-type peas. They are not purple hulls and they are not black eyed peas. I will take some photos as they develop and when I harvest them so I can try to find out what they are. My neighbor brought them from Florida a few years ago and they seem to grow very well here)

Pulled the rest of the carrots

One of the day lilies is blooming for the first time. It is beautiful.

Day Lily

I have no idea what the name of this Day Lily is, but I will enjoy it anyway. I received it from a friend in Austin when she was separating her lilies a few years ago.

What is growing in your garden right now?

Sincerely, Emily

note: I just corrected one of the sweet pepper names above – it is a Cubanelle sweet pepper. I also found out some more information on the Southern-type pea I have growing. It called a “zipper pea” and is also know as “cowpeas”.

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8 Responses to Starting to harvest lovely veggies

  1. shanegenziuk says:

    What a beautiful site those peppers are! Great site and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all goes for you.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I am excited about the peppers this year (amongst other things too). I just popped over to your blog and had a quick peek. I will go back to read more. All our coffee grounds go into the compost or straight into the garden. I even colled them from friends too.

  2. Jane says:

    I bought some of those Wisconson Lakes peppers and had no idea what they would look like. Now I know. I just planted them the other day, so it is a little like looking into the future πŸ™‚ Your harvest looks delicious.

    • Thank you. I am so excited about the WI Lakes peppers. Hope to pick one SOON. I just picked several Anaheim/Big Jim Peppers at my neighbors and will go out to roast them on the grill right now. I hope your peppers grow well.

  3. Nancy says:

    Wow, Emily! Things are looking great. We are just getting the gardens started here, hope ours do as well as yours!

    • Hi Nancy, Thank you, things are really looking nice in the garden. Unfortunately we are so so dry that I am having to water everyday, twice a day on some things to keep them going. I am going to start putting in a drip-type irrigation system this weekend. We have been in the high 90’s all week and forecast for 99F today with no cool down in sight….summer has been here a while already!

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  5. Zonnah says:

    That is a pretty lily! I can’t wait to harvest something from my garden πŸ™‚ Yours looks great.

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