Morning Glory & Coral Vine

I really like this combination.

Morning Glory & Coral Vine

The Coral Vine  (Antigonon leptopus) keeps coming back every year and usually climbs to the tops of the juniper trees near the fence. I try to encourage it to stay along the fence, this year it has done that (so far) and mixed in nicely with the morning glories.

The Coral Vine is also know as “Queen’s Wreath” or “Heavenly Vine” or “Rose of Montana”. What ever you know it as, it is a very beautiful vine. Since mine is usually flowering 30′ off the ground at the top of the juniper trees, I rarely get to collect seeds from it.

We are still so very dry, but the Coral Vine handles to heat and drought very well. The Morning Glories, on the other hand, need water every day. I hope that they will continue to grow because I love their blue purple color.

Coral Vine with Morning Glories

Sincerely, Emily

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One Response to Morning Glory & Coral Vine

  1. Zonnah says:

    I agree, they are very pretty together!

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