Mr. Toad returns

A few weeks ago I did a post on Mr. Toad. I think that attention and lime light scared him and he didn’t return to his cool 4″ house. I was very sad.

Then one evening when I was watering in the same general area, I saw him hop out of another 4″pot on the deck. He is clever, assuming it was the same toad. I thought, at that point, I wouldn’t play paparazzi and snap his photo, I thought I would just leave him be, have his peace. Low and behold, he stayed around for a few days and then disappeared again.

While I was watering the cucumber vines a few days ago I saw movement in the leaves I have used as mulch and HOP, Mr. Toad hopped up onto the outer board of the raise box.

Mr. Toad re-appears 26 May 2011

I was so happy to see him in the garden. I quickly took a few of the clay pots out there and turned them upside down and propped them in some corners on the raised beds and soaked the areas down. I crossed my fingers and put a little wish out there to the garden gods hoping that Mr. Toad would stay, find enough to eat and be happy (and maybe even invite a few friends over to his garden bed.

Last Friday when I was out watering the deck gardens I was checking out all the 4″ pots to see if Mr. Toad was home, but I didn’t see him. I moved on to water some of the Purple Heart that grows around the air conditioning condenser slab and moved onto other things that needed water. I water everything a little and let the ground accept the water and then make another pass over things for a second deeper drink.

One the second watering pass I saw a toad on the edge of the slab and quickly said “HI” to Mr. Toad and pulled the camera out of my pocket for a quick snap shot. He looked so happy.

Mr. Toad amongst the Purple Heart

Sure, he looks happy, but I am thinking that sure is a long way to travel – all the way from the garden back to the deck area and over to the air conditioning slab. hmmmm

Suddenly, there is more movement. There was a toad at least twice the size of Mr. Toad under the condenser. I think it might be a really big Momma toad.

Big Momma 's back leg sticking out

But WAIT, there was more movement. Another toad was making its way through the hole under the slab and up through the purple heart. If you look real closely you can see the light colored strip that runs down their back. It is just above the Purple Heart along the right side of the slab (in photo below)

And then there were more....

I could not believe all the toads I was seeing. There was another one on the front section of the slab, he quickly hopped down and went under the slab in the front area. I have stumbled across a toad town. YIPPEE.

All in all, I think I saw at least 5 toad. FIVE! Mr. Toad may have actually been a Mrs. Toad.

I hope the “Mr. Toad” that is in the garden stays out there. He must be one of the older siblings that was ready to leave home. To me, it looks like Mr. Toad is a Gulf Coast Toad (Incilius valliceps). Here is also a link to toad sounds with a photo of the toad. Just click on the photo and it will play a toad (or frog) call. neat!

This is just one of those little things that makes me smile. Maybe if I start kissing some of these toads, I would get a couple of nice handsome strapping young lads to help me with all the yard and garden work. I guess then I would have to feed them. Grilled mosquito anyone?

Sincerely, Emily

Note: The hole under the a/c slab is from a very aggressive bee hive that was established there three years ago. I knew the hive was there, but I didn’t know much about bees at the time so I hired a bee keeper to come out and take a look to see if they were “good” bees and could be moved. I had been recently stung by one of those bees when I crossed their flight path one day. When the bee keeper came out he informed me that “good” (honey) bees done burrow in the ground. He explained that what I had was a type of very aggressive bee that would take over a honey bee hive. I have been stung by both bees and wasps from time to time and when I was stung my one of these aggressive bees my wrist & hand swelled up so much that I couldn’t move it and it took many days for the swelling to go down. The bee keeper dealt with the bees, but there has still been a hole there. I did put some rocks over it so raccoons, opossums and armadillos wouldn’t dig under there and move in, but I never filled it in. Now seeing this little toad community I am glad I didn’t fill in that hole. It seems perfect for them and I want to keep them around.

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8 Responses to Mr. Toad returns

  1. Jane says:

    What a wonderful toad commune. I found one in the greenhouse a few days ago and did a big happy dance. The slugs have been getting out of control, so a toad is a wonderful site.

  2. Zonnah says:

    That is so exciting about the toad family! I want some toads now 🙂
    Wow, that is scary about your hand swelling like that. My husband is allergic to bees and has to carry an emergency shot with him.

    • I am so very happy to have toads in the gardens. They do such good work. It was quite amazing swelling that i had from the bee sting. I am glad I am not allergic, but it did show me that not all bee stings are created equal. I hope you husband never has a need to use his kit, but it is good that you both know he is allergic and have with you in case.

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  5. Lynn Green says:

    As soon as I planted some cucumber plants, and left the cardboard pot upside down, the next day I saw a huge toad in the same area. I think they smell the cucumbers, and know there will be slugs. i replaced the pot with a plastic one with a hole on the side — he is living there! i love him

    • Lynn, that is great! Toads are so great to have in the garden. I am sure he/she is thrilled to have the little toad house you created. A nice safe place. The one I had living in one of my spider plants has moved on. I was keeping the plant nice and wet for him, but it got a bit too dry I think. I hope he comes back.

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