Went to a Garden Party

Last month a friend invited me to go with her to a local garden club outing when they went to Cibolo Nature Trail. It was a nice day and a nice nature walk complete with two naturalist guides identifying local plants. After the walk we all went into the town of Boerne (pronounced burnie) and had lunch at the Peach Tree Cafe. What a neat little place to have lunch. Before lunch the club had a quick little meeting and at the end of the lunch I decided to join he club.  It is a pretty small group, and what I like about it is that they are all from my little “town.” It is good to meet more people in my neighborhood and especially those interested in gardening.

This past Saturday was the clubs June get-together and it was their summer picnic. Everyone brings something to eat (Italian theme) and they also have a contest for centerpiece arrangement only using things found in your yard. I decided to make a simple Basil Pesto Pasta Salad (say that fast three times!) and also make a centerpiece.

I thawed some of the basil pesto I made last season and went to work.  I didn’t follow any recipe, just threw things together that I thought would work.

Basil Pesto Pasta Salad

  • Basil Pesto (homemade)
  • Noodles (I used organic Linguini)
  • Garlic (Used some from the recent harvest)
  • Pine Nuts (totally forgot those)
  • Tomatoes (used whole little grape tomatoes)

Cook your pasta. Drain and rise with cool water and put in a big bowl.

Add basil pesto, garlic & pine nuts and toss to coat all the noodles. I grated my garlic with a micro grater.

Pasta with basil pesto

Mix in tomatoes or add tomatoes on top.

Basil Pesto Pasta Salad


For the centerpiece this is what I came up with:


I used a different herb in each vase.

Tags on the herbs

I liked using the little individual bottle vases. I think I will have fun with this vase collection using herbs and flowers and a combination of both throughout the year.  I am still enjoying the herbs and will wait for some of them to grow roots so I can pot them up and pass them onto a friend.

Sincerely, Emily

P.S. Everyone that brought a centerpice won a prize. The categories where prettiest arrangement, most unique use of items and most unusual arrangement. I won a “prettiest arrangement” award.

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4 Responses to Went to a Garden Party

  1. Jane says:

    You are very deserving of your prettiest arrangement award. I would love to receive a centerpiece like that. I love all things edible.

  2. Zonnah says:

    I can see why you won that award! It is a brilliant idea.

    • Thank you. It is still sitting on our table. I need to freshen a few of the herbs-the basil, mint & lemon balm all have roots growing, so I will plant those. I have a group of ladies coming to the house this weekend and I think it will make a great centerpiece for them too.

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