Fresh tomatoes

Fresh Tomatoes

The yellow pear is always a heavy producer and the large red cherry tomatoes are producing well too…  I guess I should rephrase that. None of the tomato plants are putting on any more tomatoes. It is just too darn hot, but all the tomatoes that had set are ripening slowly but surely. I seem to get a handful a day of various tomatoes.That just isn’t a lot for the 33 plants that I have. So much for “rolling in tomatoes!” I was planning on canning, canning and more canning of tomatoes right about now. But alas…

This is the first year I have grown the Blondkopfchen. They are quite tasty, but I expected them to be a bit larger in size. When I went back to read about them I noticed their are a small 1″ tomato. Good flavor, just very small. The other tomato in the photo I just call “farmers market yellow.” Two years ago I bought them at a farmers market and liked their flavor, but forgot to ask the name of them. I saved the seeds and they produce a small low bush and they are the first to flower and bear fruit over the past two years I have been planting them. Their flavor isn’t as smokely as I remember, but they are a nice mild, low-acid tasting tomato and I will continue to grow them.

I am enjoying these tomatoes as I pick them. Enjoying both their flavor and their beauty.

Sincerely, Emily

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2 Responses to Fresh tomatoes

  1. Zonnah says:

    Even though you are not getting enough to can, the up side is that if you did not plant all them tomato plants you would have hardly any 🙂

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