Castor Bean Plant

Last year I grew a few castor bean plants (ricinus communis). I got the seeds from a seed swap and looked forward to growing them. I got the seeds in the ground pretty late last  spring and while they grew pretty well, developing lush deep red/green leaves, they never got very tall. They also didn’t mature enough to go to seed for me either.

Castor Bean Plant

I really wanted to grow them again so I ordered a packet a seeds from Seed Savers Exchange.

I soaked the seeds and planted them indoors to get an early start. I moved them outside and into the ground towards the beginning of April and later planted a few more. The three that got an early start are definitely taller and larger, but they are only topping out at 2′ tall when they are supposed to be around 6′. Bummer

A new leaf growing

Two of them are going to seed right now, so I will have some more seeds to plant again next year. They are a beautiful plant, I just wish they would get super tall (or at least the normal height they should get). I am sure our very hard clay soil and rock are the main issue.

Sincerely, Emily

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5 Responses to Castor Bean Plant

  1. banbamama says:

    I like the leaves of this plant. The photo of the new leaf is great!

  2. Zonnah says:

    That is a beautiful plant and I can see why you want to grow it.

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