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King of the chicken scratch

Blackie helping my neighbor. He is such a big help. Sincerely, Emily

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Starting a water garden (or two)

With our little commune of toads under the air conditioning slab I have really wanted to add a constant water source for them large enough for breeding. Toads are so good to have around in the garden that I really … Continue reading

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Making Ice Cream

I have a list of things I would like to do/make. Sometimes it takes me a while to get to some of those things. Making ice cream seemed to take forever. Even to me, that makes no sense since it … Continue reading

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Mr. Toad (during the recent rain)

Mr. Toad found a good place to duck out of the rain this past Tuesday. Sincerely, Emily

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Rain is a good thing

On Tuesday afternoon we were all grateful to receive a bit of rain. My rain gauge told me we had just under 3/4 of an inch. My neighbor said his gauge told him the same thing. The rain came down … Continue reading

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Vicks Plant (Plectranthus purpuratus)

I bought this Vicks plant back in February when I went to Nature’s Herb Farm on the west side of San Antonio. I have no experience with this plant, in fact I had never heard of it until the day … Continue reading

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Pear Tree

I am amazed at how many pears are on my neighbors pear tree. It is really LOADED! The tree is more than 25′ tall and equally as wide. Each branch dipping low heavy from the weight of the fruit. As … Continue reading

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Making Pizza Crusts

I love making pizza at home. I did a post here back in February about it. What I don’t like is how long it takes for my dough. I make a no-knead dough (I talked about it here in a … Continue reading

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Thistle flowers

I really like thistle flowers. There is just something about them. I like the color. I like the texture of all the spines. I like the detail in them. One of these flower heads had a little surprise in it. … Continue reading

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Do you ever have this kind of “help”

I was just trying to put new sheets on the bed. Sincerely, Emily

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