This is not a good sign…

This is not a good sign...

As I pulled into the driveway a few days ago, this is what I saw.  A deer in the back yard. That is not a good sign. Someone (ahh me) left the side gate open last night….yes…last night.

So, I backed the truck up a bit and opened up the cow gate. I walked to the right and around the back side of the fenced vegetable garden that you see in the photo and the around the other side to “push” mama deer towards the cow gate and out of the back yard. It actually went very well.

Mama deer is heading out

With the deer out of the back yard, it was now time to take a walk around and peruse the damage.

One lily munched on

A stalk of Lambs Quarter stripped

There really wasn’t a lot of damage considering I left the gate open since the night before.

Sincerely, Emily


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4 Responses to This is not a good sign…

  1. Jane says:

    Your grass looks about as great as mine. I do feel bad for the critters because they dont have anything to eat when it is this dry either. Oh what a little rain would do in more ways than one.

    • Hi Jane – I agree. This lack of rain is so hard on the wild life. We are now at stage 3 water restrictions – which means no outside watering. So I will cut back on everything and use my rain barrels for what I think is important.

  2. Zonnah says:

    I am glad there was not a lot of damage!

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