Water Restrictions

With no rain, it was only a matter of time before we reached Stage 3 water restrictions.

What grass (May 2011)

What does that mean to everyone in my area:

  • All outdoor use of water is prohibited
  • Irrigation of landscape areas is absolutely prohibited
  • Use of water to wash and motor vehicles, motorbikes, boats, trailers, airplanes or other vehicles is absolutely prohibited
  • The use of water for construction purposes from designated fire hydrants under special permit is to be discontinued

What does that mean to me…well, it means a major change in thinking. Since we are in the heat of the summer, most things in the spring vegetable garden are pretty much at the end of their cycle. There are a few things I would like to nurse along like zucchini, southern peas, gourd, eggplants and pepper plants. I also have a few chard plants growing that might be worth the effort. I also have a few herbs that I would like to keep going and the fruit trees are important too.

This year I had started a lot of new perennial seeds and also transplanted many other perennials too. This wasn’t a good year to do that, but I did not know that at the time. With these heavier water restrictions upon us, I need to take a deep breath and let go of many of these newly planted things. I am not real concerned about the native plants that are out there. They have proven their hardiness over decades and centuries and they get by with little to no water from me anyway.  I can (and will) buy more perennials and replant them. It is just so hard to take such a big step backwards.

I only have about 1000 gallons of water stored in tanks. With the temperatures we have been having that 1000 gallons will not last very long at all and with no rain in the forecast that is really a tough position to be in. I still have plans to add more rain collection tanks to our system. Now is one of those times I wish I was that much farther along with it. I have to look on the positive side to keep from driving myself crazy – I am happy that I have the tanks that we do.

This has been a very hard year so far with little to no rain. This makes me really think about all the plans I have had to grow when we eat. I hope we get some sort of rain over the next few month. Mid-August and Sept will be here before I know it and that is the time to plant the fall garden. I will have to wait and make a decision at that point how I proceed. I have all the seeds that I need for the fall garden, so I can go ahead at a moments notice if we have rain.

Dang it ! We need rain !

We have been talking about a getting larger water collection tank instead of rigging together so many small (325 gal) ones. This might be the time to really push forward with that and be ready when it does rain. That moves a few more projects to the front of the line. I need to finish painting the shop and get gutters installed. I need to clear and level an area for a larger tank…..All cooler weather projects for me. We will see what happens….

I better go put another layer of mulch out around some of the plants to keep as much moisture around them as I can.

Tiger Tail looking for some green grass to chew on

Sincerely, Emily

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2 Responses to Water Restrictions

  1. Zonnah says:

    Wow, I feel bad for complaining about all the rain we get when you have none. I feel very thankful for it and will not complain again.
    I hope the rain comes soon!!!

    • I know in your neck of the woods you normally get a lot of rain. There are some places with flooding and other places in drought. Each season I am wondering what will be different…there is no way of really knowing. I am just trying to go with the flow (so to speak)

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