Starting a water garden (or two)

With our little commune of toads under the air conditioning slab I have really wanted to add a constant water source for them large enough for breeding. Toads are so good to have around in the garden that I really want to encourage them to stay and be happy here.

Our neighbors have several water gardens around their property. I can’t even begin to give you a total number of how many they have. Seriously, they have over 50, maybe over 70 different water gardens. They range in size from 25′ long narrow “ponds” with water falls and Koi, to standing 100 gallon barrels cut in half, filled with water that are homes to small tropical fish and lily pads and many frogs.

I mentioned starting a water garden with one of my 55-gallon barrels and a few days later my neighbor had one of her barrels emptied and was offering it to me. My neighbor is in the process of “down sizing” her gardens and water gardens. She is realizing she is at a point where she can’t keep them up like she used to be able to (they have 6 acres of plants and water gardens). Cutting down the amount of water gardens she has is part of her plan.

The inspector is checking it out

Tiger Tail was soon out back inspecting my “new” barrel. I believe it passed her inspection.

Bringing this barrel home made me really put some thought into the placement of it in the back yard. We need to be able to dig a bit to get some of it underground; maybe one foot or a bit more. I also wanted to place it somewhere I can see it and enjoy it, but a place it will still get some sun for the health of the water lilies and plants. I also need keep in mind the raccoons and not placing it somewhere that give them easy access to it. We decided it would go near the deck off the south end. It is shaded in the morning and will get afternoon sun and will get winter sun too, but it will be a few feet away from the deck so the raccoons can’t just sit on the deck rail and go fishing. I know the lily pads and other underwater plants will create some safety for fish and toadpoles, I just don’t want it to be a free sushi bar for the racoons.

Now I have two tanks to use so a few days ago I borrowed “The Beast” (tiller) from our neighbors and started loosening up the soil in the areas for the tanks. Kivuli has given me approval on the first hole, I just need to dig a bit more to get everything level.

Kivuli - helping

Here is the second tank.

working on the 2nd water garden

I still have some work to do, but this is a good start on the two water gardens. I did get a little distracted away from this process. It seems when ever I get my hands on “The Beast” I start tilling up other sections of the yard.

Sincerely, Emily

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4 Responses to Starting a water garden (or two)

  1. Sande says:

    Water gardens are so much fun to have and enjoy. Hope you post pictures as they progress. I have 5 of various sizes around the yard.

    • Hi Sande. Thank for stopping by. I will do more posts to show the progress. Right now, both barrels are filled with water. They have sat a few days so now I am ready to put the water lilies and mosquito eating fish in there…I will get it all from my neighbor, so just waiting for a good time for her. It is very exciting.

  2. zonnah says:

    How exciting! One day I want a water garden even if it is tiny 🙂

    • This is very exciting. I was going to just take a 55-gallon barrel and cut off 1/3 and use it but the neighbor gave me two big barrels to use. It is fun watching it come together.

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