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Mr. Toad takes a nap

He looks so comfortable. Happy too! Sincerely, Emily

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Harvesting the loofah’s

I have started picking a few of the loofah. They are starting to dry. I was able to pick the two in the above photo a few days later and peel them. The dry skin came off very easily. Like … Continue reading

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Back in a few days…

Until then. Here are some photos to enjoy. We have 2 pink water lilies in one water garden and 2 yellow in the other. We have added some little minnows to eat the mosquito larvae when they develop. Sincerely, Emily

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X, Y and Z are for…

X, Y, and Z are for… Xyloid Ytterbium Zero This was the game of Bananagrams that my mom, my husband and I played 2 days after my shoulder surgery last year in May. This is a photo of my tiles … Continue reading

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W is for…

W is for… Water Bottle… I don’t tend to go to far without my water bottle. I have several stainless steel water bottles and are always ready to go. They go everywhere. On the riding lawnmower, in the car, on … Continue reading

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V is for…

V is for… Violin… Finally! The instrument I played throughout most of my schooling.  Violin. I am glad I had the experience of playing an instrument. I haven’t picked up a violin and played since I got out of high … Continue reading

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U is for…

U is for… Unlike… I am unlike most of my friends. Sometimes I find that frustrating that many of them don’t understand me and how I am now. I have changed and so have they, but for the most part, … Continue reading

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T is for…

T is for… Tiger Tail… She is now 11 years old. At times I wonder where all that time has gone. She is part of a family of ferals I took in off the streets when we lived in Palm … Continue reading

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S is for…

S is for… Sales… I love Garage Sales, Estate Sales and Thrift Stores. I found these games at three different houses at our neighborhood garage sale this summer.  Now I just need to find people to play them with me. … Continue reading

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R is for…

R is for… Recycle… I am really into recycling. I didn’t know anything about recycling until I was an exchange student overseas (not disclosing the location  of my exchange until later in the alphabet!) My host family recycled and I … Continue reading

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