K is for…

K is for…


Kivuli… Kivuli is one of our cats. He will turn 14 years old in 1 Sept. We got Kivuli when we lived in Kenya. He was approximately 3 weeks old and when you held him in your hand, nothing hung over the edges, not even the tail, he was so tiny. Even at that age he was full of energy and temper. He ruled the neighborhood when we lived in Palm Springs, CA…seriously, the whole neighborhood. Everyone knew him (that isn’t always a good thing). He has slowed down quite a bit (A very good thing) but he still has his temper. Even though I raised him, taking him to work with me every day when we got him, feeding him every hour, he prefers my husband. When he plays with my husband he doesn’t use his claws or teeth, when it comes to me, it is full on biting and claws. I have gotten very good at reading him and his actions to know what is next. When we have visitors we always warn them, “He is wild, don’t touch him. He may act like he likes you by rubbing on you, it is just a ploy, don’t touch him. I am not kidding, I am saying this seriously!” This is usually followed by, “Oh, cats like me, I will be fine” as they reach down to pet him, followed by “Sh**!, I thought you were kidding”  Nope, not kidding. In his 14 years he has become infamous and famous amongst our friends and neighbors. There are times when I can pet him, the best time is when he is eating. Now, 99.9% of cats don’t want to to touch them when they are eating. Kivuli, he is different, he will come and get me or my husband to go eat “with” him. Sometimes I can scratch him for several minutes before he even starts to eat. Purring the whole time. Other times I can give him a few scratches and he will lash out at me and I know then it is over. He really isn’t as bad as I make him out to be (not all the time). He will sleep on the bed with us (just don’t move or he will claw you). In is “old age” he now will sit on my husbands lap (even mine at times) most evening when the weather cools down, again, on his own terms. When you go to move him or get up, his temper will flare up. I often call him a grumpous, he is just a grumpy old man.. I laugh as I am writing this. I have SO many kivuli stories. Really good stories. He could have his own blog.

Kenya… In 1997 my husband and I answered an ad for a pilot couple to work and run a flight operation around Mt. Kenya. My husband did the flying and I ran the office. It was a great experience in a beautiful country. The company went out of business a year later. We had an offer to work at an exclusive privately owned tourist resort destination (still wish we would have done that-they were totally self-sufficient!), but we ended up back in the states. Living in Kenya was a great experience.

Knife… I always carry a small Swiss Army pocket knife. I feel naked with out it. I use the little scissors almost as much as I use the knife.

Other killer K’s…

  • Kangaroo
  • Knit
  • Kelp
  • Kiss
  • Knoll
  • Keys
  • Koala
  • Klutz
  • Kitten
  • Kiwi
  • Kaleidoscope

Sincerely, Emily

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7 Responses to K is for…

  1. Joanna says:

    Hee hee, there are friends and relations of Kivuli everywhere. In a pub we used to go to for an evening meal there was a ginger tom who sat in the middle of the floor just by the bar with his tail stretched out behind him, people would stand on his tail and then he would bite them. He never moved, or swung his tail in to a safer posture, I was convinced he did it on purpose, night after night, and woe betide anyone who had the temerity to try and pat him (or smooth him as they say in Bristol), they were lucky to escape with their fingers.

    • oh my gosh, there is another Kivuli out there in across the pond. That is so funny!!! Kivuli’s tail NEVER stops (except int he dead of sleep). When he is laying down his tail constantly thumps on the floor like a dog. There is no way of judging from his tail whether he is happy or grumpy..the tail constantly swishes of thumps.

  2. erika says:

    Loved your killer k’s. We have a 15 yo cat as well, she can bite too. How fun to live in kenya. Thanks for visiting my blog I can never come up with things either that’s why I’ve enlisted my family lol.


    • Hi Erika, Thanks for stopping by. I think it is a great idea to enlist your family. My husband should get home in a few days. I might have to pitch it to him to start thinking. Especially Q!

  3. zonnah says:

    I love how animals have such distinct personalities.

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