P is for…

P is for…

Punctual… I pride myself on being punctual. I will be on time for everything. I leave the house with plenty of time to get where I need to be. I tend to get frustrated when others aren’t the same way.

Potato… I remember eating a lot of potatoes just out of college. They were loaded with things like melted cheese, bacon, chives, sour cream, butter. Oh, they were so good. I do have a weakness for potatoes in any form. Baked, french fries, wedges, mashed, lefsa (yup, there is potato in there). I hardly eat potatoes anymore. If I do buy some they do not last very long in our house. Now, I tend to buy more sweet potatoes or yams than I do baking potatoes. I do miss them.

Purple… is my favorite color.There was a point in my working career that I had a lot of purple clothes in my wardrobe. Now, I seem to have none. I will have to make an effort to look for purple shirts when I am at the thrift store.  Amethyst is my favorite stone (because it is purple!) Our cat Star had a purple color.

Fresh Pasta

Pasta… homemade pasta is like nothing you can buy in the bag in the store. I am so happy to know how to make it. I did a post about it here back in March. I really should make fresh pasta more often.

Pack Rat… I am a pack rat. My husband is a pack rat. I have gotten better about some things. I don’t save movie ticket stubs anymore, however, I do still have all the old concert tickets  from the 70’s and 80’s. I have one from the late 70’s. It was an outdoor general admission concert (and it rained through part of it) and I was in junior high. First up was Pablo Cruise, followed by The Steve Miller Band and last was The Eagles. I now have the ticket stub in the front of the CD jewel case of an Eagles CD. I have done that with several concert tickets that I kept. I am glad I kept them now (a little pack rat pride there), that is a great place to store them and see it when I pull out the specific CD to play it.

Super Chick at 5 months old

Parrots… Two different neighbors each have parrots, I can hear the “squawk” through the day. Feels like I live somewhere tropical at time.

Two of the many parrots at our other neighbors house

Other perfect P’s:

  • Penguin
  • Pear, Peach, Plum
  • Peony
  • Panda
  • Pasture
  • Peripheral
  • Parody
  • Pirates
  • Pyramid – would like to see them one day
  • Puddle
  • Periscope
  • Pieces
  • Parasol
  • Plumber
  • Peignoir
  • Patio – I look forward to cooler nights so I can sit outside more

Sincerely, Emily

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8 Responses to P is for…

  1. Joanna says:

    Glorious collection of Ps, or should that be P’s. I’ve written one and then I keep chopping it about because I am unsure of some of it. So I have left it in draft for now. Those sound like great gigs you went to. I don’t know what a pack rat is though, is it the same as being a fan? Have a good time away wherever you are/go Emily (waves) !

    • Waving back at you. I am presently in beautiful Wisconsin right now. wonderful temps. beautiful breezes. A lake out the back door. Fun FUN! A pack rat (haapens to be a real animal) that brings things back to its burrow and hides and saves everything it can find. A person (me) saves everythings, can’t seem to part with “things”. I am doing better at this. But fun to still have those old concert tickets. So you are “perfecting” your “P” list then, aren’t you?!

      • Joanna says:

        Ah ha! thanks for that. I vaguely thought a pack rat was something that operated only in a group, but it’s pack as in ‘packing a bag’ Got it! Got through P in the end and have made S for soup. So the end is in sight!

      • the end is in sight. I had my alphabet done before I left on my trip the 16th. I am lucky to get at a computer on and off but I am going to have to read others postings when I get better computer access or when I get back in Sept.

  2. zonnah says:

    My grandma had a parrot and it is one of my favorite childhood memories.

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