R is for…

R is for…

Recycle… I am really into recycling. I didn’t know anything about recycling until I was an exchange student overseas (not disclosing the location  of my exchange until later in the alphabet!) My host family recycled and I learned from them to be away of what was going in the trash can vs. the recycle bin. I remember coming home and being very frustrated that we didn’t recycle. Shortly after that, our garbage service provided us with recycle bins and that was great. When we started recycling back then, I noticed a huge decrease in our trash. There are so many things that can be recycled. Because of our recycling efforts,  I am proud to say that there is very little trash in our can for pick-up each week. In fact I can go several weeks before our can is relativity full to put it out at the curb. If you are not a regularly recycling, I would encourage you to increase your awareness and dive right in. It really isn’t hard, but initially you do have to consciously think about it. Before you know it, it will become habit and you will just naturally do it without even thinking.  We live in a rural area and we do not have curbside recycling pick up. Once a week there is a drop off about 10 miles from the house, otherwise I can take it to their main recycle center 25 miles away. Recycling is important to me, so I drive to the closer location on Friday mornings when I have enough recycling to take. Sometimes my neighbor takes it for me, or I take his.

Blue Topaz (reminds me of the ocean)

Rings… I remember when I was a young girl (under 10 years old) I had a fascination with rings. It must have been the sparkle. I have some beautiful rings and at this point in my life I find I am not wearing any of them at all. I am making an effort to wear them more often now.

Reusing kitty litter jugs in the garden

Reuse… Reusing things is a big part of reducing our trash. I will reuse glass jars for other food things. If something came in a plastic jar or tub, I will reuse that for things in the shop or garage. I don’t buy yogurt very often anymore because I make it, but I still have a stack of old yogurt and sour cream contains that come in handy for drying out seeds that I have collected or even using them if people come over for dinner and I want to send some of the left-overs home with them. Thrift stores, garage sales, and estate sales are another way to reuse things.  When one of my neighbors purchases plants she always bring the empty pots to me – I reuse them.

Reciting and Reporting other R’s:

  • Record (the round black vinyl kind – remember those?)
  • Recipe
  • Respect
  • Retrospective
  • Revival
  • Rick Rack
  • Rustic
  • Rowdy
  • Rhubarb
  • Rivet
  • Rifle
  • Rift
  • Rinky-dink

Sincerely, Emily

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4 Responses to R is for…

  1. Joanna says:

    Our City is obsessed with Recycling, I think they are going to get fines from the Government if we don’t reduce Landfill. So we have doorstep recycling collections every week, and we sort our waste into food and garden waste, recyclable plastics, wood, paper, and then they take all sorts of other things like batteries, shoes, aluminium, glass. We have a non recyclable waste collection once a fortnight. It works quite well and one gets used to recycling or reusing very quickly. We have a little composter too in the garden where we compost vegetable waste and shredded paper. I try and re use containers too as much as possible. It must be much harder in a rural area without pickup.

    • I know there are many cities in the US that are much farther ahead than other cities. I am happy to do what I can. We have compost in the back yard and I have a place I can take other yard waste, but you are right, it is hard in rural areas…I just have to do more to recycle. When I take my yard stuff I can pick up a truck load of mulch for free. So it is worth the trip

  2. zonnah says:

    I am with you on recycling. Our city pretty much makes us recycle now, which is good 🙂

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