X, Y and Z are for…

X, Y, and Z are for…




An intriguing game of Bananagrams

This was the game of Bananagrams that my mom, my husband and I played 2 days after my shoulder surgery last year in May. This is a photo of my tiles at the end of the game. You can use a dictionary to check a spelling, but you aren’t suppose to sit there and read it to find words that will work with the tiles you have. I was quite doped up on pain medications and since my mom and husband where concentrating on their games I took the liberty to do a bit of studying. I was picking up all the X, Y and Z tiles and instead of trading them back into the pile I decided I would use them all. So I just learned a few new words along the way, no harm in that right? Well, it isn’t the right way to play, but being a bit loopy I thought I was being sneaky. The funny thing was neither of them noticed at all and when I used up all the tiles first and everyone looked up and started reading my words they all thought I had made them up.  If you use a word, you really need to know what it means (hence why I had to STUDY the dictionary). When my mom asked me what they heck  “ytterbium” was I smiled, laughing because of the drugs and very mater-a -factly answered, “it is a metallic chemical element. It is number 70 and the symbol is Yb.” Well, that put all three of us in stitches, including me and had them looking it up in the dictionary only to find I had quoted it word for word and they started laughing again.  The next questions was “what does xyloid mean?” Again, I answered, “resembling wood. It’s an adjective.” After the laughter quieted down I did tell them what I had done and we all laughed some more. When I told them I was going to use the word “zymurgy” but I ran out of letters. They both rolled their eyes and got the dictionary out again. This is a game none of us are soon likely to forget. The words, for me, will always be in my head waiting for my next opportunity, this time I won’t have to use the dictionary. That night, I woke up in the middle of the night laughing my head off and couldn’t stop. I was sleeping in the living room propped up on the couch. Seems everyone heard “something” but no one got up to check on me. The next morning I stopped taking the pain medication.

Zymurgy – noun. The science and study of fermentation, as in brewing.

Yogurt… I love the taste of fresh made yogurt. I am able to buy raw milk and use it to make yogurt and other things.

Making yogurt

Other Y’s:

  • Yodel
  • Yeast
  • Yesterday
  • Yard
  • Yearbook (mine was stolen my senior year)
  • Yellow
  • Yelp

Some stylish Z’s;

  • Zebra
  • Zucchini (YUM!)
  • Zodiac
  • Zoology
  • Zinnia (love those)
  • Zest
  • Zipper
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6 Responses to X, Y and Z are for…

  1. Xan says:

    GREAT post. My family are demon on-line Words With Friends players and one of their co-addicts is always making up words, which drives them crazy. I sent this to them and dare the cheater to call them on the words if they get to use them!

  2. Joanna says:

    What a fabulous finale! I shouldn’t have read yours before I did mine but I couldn’t resist and it’s great! I love the story of the pain meds and the dictionary and the game, you are really smart and funny and I have so enjoyed reading your alphabet. Hope to continue reading your blog and carrying on the conversation. All the best Joanna.

    • I am very behind in reading your blog. Being away from home and away from a computer is hard and easy all at the same time. I think I will be in “civilization” another day and have a bit of computer time for the next day….then back to the cabin in the woods on the lake (woe is me! NOT!) I look forward to going there. I hope to challenenge my mom to a few games of Bananagrams over the next few days. I better go find a dictionary and start finding some new good X, V Q and Z words

  3. zonnah says:

    I am not a big fan of pain meds and try to never take them unless I have to but that was a funny story!

    • I feel the same way about the meds. The ones I was taking really helped with the pain but the side effects where terrible. I was glad I could manage the pain with another pain med and get off the narcotic one. It was pretty funny really. My mom and I were just talking about it this past week and laughing (as we played bananagram drug free!)

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