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An uninvited visitor

I have no idea how I found this guy in our house, but I did. . How did he get into the house? Well, I have an inkling and that inkling is spelled C…A…T! When I first saw him, all … Continue reading

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Knitting Scarves for Special Olympics (or crochet)

Recently an acquaintance told me about a knitting/crochet project for the Special Olympics. They have a program called 2012 Special Olympics USA Scarf Project.  The project is sponsored by Red Heart Yarn. This past March I took a beginners knitting … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Bread

I decided to go through an old recipe box that I had. Since my trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin, I seem to want to bake a few things. I do not have a sweet tooth, but my mom does and … Continue reading

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Zucchini Bread

Part of my recent trip was spent at my mom’s house in Minnesota. I spent a lot of time baking and putting things in the freezer for them. The garden was producing zucchini and I posted here about the zucchini … Continue reading

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Molasses Cookies

During my recent trip to Minnesota, my mom asked if I would make some molasses ginger cookies. She had torn the recipe out of a Redbook Magazine in 2006, I would say it was time to try it out. I … Continue reading

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I think I have a problem

I openly admitted in this post a few weeks ago to buying more canning jars (after telling myself I wouldn’t.) I don’t have any guilty twinges or twangs about that purchase. I know I can use them (eventually, when we … Continue reading

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Making “Italian Seasonings”

I used to buy an “Italian Seasoning” spice mix. It was a nice blend and I used it a lot. The label read: Marjoram Thyme Rosemary Savory Sage Oregano Basil WOW! I grow most of those.  When I posted about … Continue reading

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Fighting Ragweed Allergies

Last year I learned a few natural ways to help combat allergic reactions to some of the things that grow here in South Texas where we live. The first thing I learned was about making a tea to help ease … Continue reading

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Raspberry Jam

I have not made jam or jelly is many many years. My mom and her husband have been making raspberry jam for several years now that they have wonderful raspberry bushes growing in the garden. My mom makes a recipe … Continue reading

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Beautiful Tree Frog

I spent some time picking raspberries in the garden at my parents house in Minnesota. While shoulder deep in the beautiful fruit laden bushes I was entertained by beautiful little green tree frogs acrobatically jumping from leaf to leaf. These … Continue reading

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