Canning Jars

Last month I found a wonderful old sink at an Estate Sale.

My new sink!

At that same Estate Sale I managed to hit the mother load of canning jars too.

Estate Sale Canning Jars

Seven boxes packed with canning jars. A few months ago I told myself that I had enough canning jars. I knew when I said it that it might now be entirely true. There they were, boxes of canning jars, presenting themselves to me on the last day of the sale – which means I got them at 50% off too!

Now, tell me, how could I possibly walk by that deal?

Sincerely, Emily

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9 Responses to Canning Jars

  1. Jane says:

    Score! I have a sink similar to that I made into an outdoor sink/potting area. I love it. And you can never have to many canning jars. Congratulations!

    • This sink will be outside somewhere, to rinse vegetable off before bringing them into the house. It will probably go near the garden. I will plumb the water to run out onto some of the garden plants. Canning Jars – yes BIG SCORE! Big Score on the sink too.

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  4. So jealous of both of your finds – but especially the canning jars! I’ve spent an arm and a leg stocking up on Weck jars (we use them for everyday storage, not just for canning) so I’m not sure how happy my husband would be if I hit a motherload like yours — but if the price is right, how can he protest? The tougher part would be finding space for them – empty *or* filled with canned goods!

    That sink is gorgeous, too. (I saw the post where you framed it up. Nicely done!)

    • Hi Monika, thanks for stopping by. I am having a problem with finding places for all the canning jars. Somehow I will work it out. It is SO worth it! I found a few more boxes of them at a garage sale recently.

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